Sunday Funday: Happy 240th Birthday Edition

We will sign after we finish the quiz

We will sign after we finish the quiz

For a country that is 240 we don’t look too bad. It’s all that exercising of democracy that keeps us young, I tell ya. That staying away from that junk food like the anti-science wants us to eat. No, no, no – we eat a good diet of facts. We experiment so that we learn the truth. We create visions that we put out as a destination to work toward. But we can only reach those destinations if we continue to exercise and eat right.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Wow – it just doesn’t slow down anymore. Were you paying attention?

1) The unfolding Brexit story is fascinating. Thursday what likely next leader of the Conservative Party announced he would not seek the leadership?

2) SCOTUS had their usual busy year end this week. A majority ruled that what state had created “undue burdens” on women seeking abortions?

3) Also among SCOTUS decisions the former governor of what state had his bribery conviction set aside pending retrial?

4) Meanwhile, Iowa’s Supreme Court made national headlines when they said that what group did not have the right to vote based on the Iowa constitution?

5) Down in Kansas a group of what former officials formed a group called “Save Kansas” to stop Gov. Brownback’s dangerous agenda?

6) In soccer, what small country defeated one of the favorites in the UEFA championships?

7) Whose diary entry for July 4th, 1776 read “Nothing of importance happened today.”?

8) The closing of the mental health institutes in Clarinda and Mount Pleasant were among the reasons that what department had to shift money around to address shortfalls?

9) Volkswagen settled US lawsuits in the emission scandal for how much (nearest billion)?

10) The winningest coach in NCAA history died last week from dementia at age 64. Can you name this coach?

11) Donald Trump used money from his own charity to but what for himself from another charity’s auction?

12) Trump’s campaign appears to have violated fundraising laws when they solicited for donations where?

13) Violating the separation of church and state, what exercise is being conducted outside of Iowa’s 99 courthouses this weekend?

14) A federal judge in Mississippi ruled that clerks cannot cite what in refusing to issue marriage licenses thus nullifying a law that was about to go into effect?

15) MSNBC reported Thursday that what two people being vetted for the Republican VP spot?

16) Following an address to the Canadian Parliament, President Obama was greeted with shouts saying what?

17) A last minute bill was passed by the senate and rushed to President Obama’s desk to help who avoid bankruptcy?

18) What state had a GMO food labeling bill go into effect July 1, which may force food processors to begin labeling though out the country?

19) Voted by historians as the worst president ever, who celebrates his birthday Wednesday?

20) How many Americans signed the Declaration of Independence?

Most of the signers actually signed the Declaration on August 2, 1776.


1) Boris Johnson shocked Britain with that announcement

2) Texas. This may nullify most of the so-called TRAP laws.

3) Virginia – Bob McDonnell

4) convicted felons

5) governors. Four former governors (2D, 2R) are attempting to convince Brownback to stop the crazy supply side ecumenic experiment

6) Iceland defeated England

7) King George III

8) department of corrections

9) ~ $15 billion

10) Pat Summit, former women’s head coach at Tennessee

11) A football helmet signed by Tim Tebow

12) Great Britain. It is against the law to solicit donations from foreign citizens.

13) reading of the bible. It is expected to continue through most of Sunday

14) religious beliefs – another of the so-called religious liberty laws

15) Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich

16) “Four more years” from Canadian MPs

17) Puerto Rico

18) Vermont

19) George W. Bush

20) 56

Have a safe holiday, all!

what true independence looks like

what true independence looks like

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