Judge, Grassley Virtually Tied? Wow.


Email posted to us from the Patty Judge campaign Thursday afternoon carried some great news:


Earlier this month: A PPP poll showed us just 7 points behind Chuck Grassley — a popular incumbent. And another PPP poll showed Grassley’s popularity has plummeted since he blocked hearings for Judge Garland.

Today: A brand new poll was released showing that this race is virtually tied:

Patty Judge: 45% | Chuck Grassley: 46%
Loras College, 0‌6/3‌0/20‌16

Well, isn’t that exciting? Independence Day and maybe Iowa will be looking at relieving itself of one of its ruling elite of nearly 4 decades in Washington. Indeed this is exciting.

Don’t sit back and rest, though. Grassley will not go down without a huge and expensive fight. Judge will need your money and your time. Get in touch with her campaign or with your county Democratic Party.

Also do not forget that Monica Vernon, Jim Mowrer and Kim Weaver have excellent opportunities to defeat their opponents this fall. Dave Loebsack needs your help retaining his seat.

Just as important is Democrats being elected to the state house and senate. Terry Branstad wants to turn Iowa into another Kansas or Wisconsin. Two seats in the senate and no change in the house and Branstad gets his wish. Kansas may not even be able to open their schools this fall because the Republican controlled legislature plus Governor Brownback have made such a mess of the state finances.

Voting is the minimum commitment needed this year. Join in. It will be fun.

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