Democrats Will Have Staff On The Ground In All 50 States

Howard Dean 2004 Campaign

Howard Dean 2004 Campaign

Action alert from Howard Dean:

When I was the chair of the Democratic Party, my team made what a lot of people said was a controversial choice. We invested in putting staff on the ground in every state in the country — building infrastructure, collecting data, recruiting volunteers. Some thought that was a waste of resources.

But two years later, we won control of the House and the Senate. Two years after that, in 2008, we elected Barack Obama and built our biggest majorities in Congress in a generation.

Now Hillary Clinton is doing the same thing in 2016, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Right now, this campaign — of which you are part — is hiring staff in all 50 states, red, blue, or purple. This team is making a choice that this election is not just about a narrow path to 270 electoral votes. It’s about informing, organizing, and mobilizing Americans across the country to get to the polls and vote — to build a coalition for governing in 2017 and to elect the Democratic lawmakers who will form our next generation of leadership.

But (and let’s be very honest about this) a 50-state strategy does not come cheap.  In order to build the strongest, most robust nationwide effort, Hillary’s counting on supporters like you and me.

I know Hillary is grateful to have our support — will you step up now and chip in $1 to be a part of this historic campaign?

Thank you,

Howard Dean

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