Guns: Nothing Changes

fickle finger of fate #1 Sept. 18, 1968
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The names were different but the effect was the same. Forty-eight years later and at a rate of 30,000+ gun deaths a year equaling nearly one and a half million deaths nothing has happened. Or rather one thing has happened – the efficiency with which we can kill each other is dramatically improved.

I was at a protest Thursday evening. Police came along to inform us that there were restrictions on the number of protestors and where they could be.

What? Freedom of assembly is in the constitution! Why is it not unrestricted like being able to buy a gun? And the amendment that gives us freedom to assemble doesn’t even have its own restrictive clause saying “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State.” Yet we were being restricted. Where was Congress to right this wrong the way they have for guns?

The fourth amendment was restricted yet again by the Supreme Court this week. Where was Congress? Simple truth is there are no organizations with millions in ready cash “donations” for the first and fourth amendments to buy influence.

Blogforiowa does wish to extend our appreciation to Congressman Dave Loebsack as the only member of the Iowa delegation to stand up for the common Iowan by joining in the sit in protest to demand some action on guns.

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