Will The Trump Misogyny Play A Role In Iowa’s National Races?

The Judge Grassley Can't Ignore (dailykos photo)

The Judge Grassley Can’t Ignore (dailykos photo)

Over this past week we have seen Chuck Grassley turn into a sniveling fool trying to figure out how to play the game with loose canon Donald Trump heading things up. With Don the Con making flat out racist remarks about a Latino jurist and then doubling down on them lesser Republicans went jumping for hiding places. With none to be found they tried to walk the tightrope of not condoning Trump’s remarks, because that would piss off most sensible Americans while not condemning them and having that condemnation result in their being kicked off Team Republican.

Like most other Republicans, Grassley walked the tightrope and failed miserably. In trying to avoid a trap, Grassley ended up insulting Latina Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomoyor.

Even The Des Moines Register said “invertebrates have more spine than Grassley.”

With that as background, we can imagine what may come to pass this fall when Democrats have a female at the head of their ticket nationally and a female in the top race in Iowa. You can bet your boots that at some point Don the Con will explode and make some incredibly misogynist statement concerning Hillary or women. Trump won’t understand why what he said was offensive and double down. He did so several times in the primary. Why should anything change?

This will leave Republicans in the same dumbstruck pose they found themselves in this past week trying to avoid the slime on one hand and avoiding the wrath of the base on the other. Democrats have three great women candidatesin national races this fall with Patty Judge for senate, Kim weaver in the 4th CD and Monica Vernon in the 1st CD.

Grassley hasn’t been real sharp in unrehearsed moments recently, so his staff may want to prep him for that inevitable Trump misogynist gaffe that will be coming.

In another note just to add to Grassley’s continuing legacy of obstruction he voted with all other Republicans to roll back the new fiduciary rules that were proposed by the department of Labor. You may remember this rule was needed to force financial advisors to act in the best interest of their clients. Very bad vote, Mr. Grassley.

hat tip to dailykos

hat tip to dailykos

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