Trump, Grassley, And The Courts

Donald Trump and Chuck Grassley have at least one thing in common – they hate judges. Grassley hates judges that are nominated to fill vacancies by persons who are not Republican.

Trump hates judges for many reasons, many not good reasons. Trump’s tirade the other day claiming a judge hated him because of what he (Trump) has said during the campaign. Based on that criteria there is a very narrow set of people who could be nominated by Trump. Take away women, hispanics, people of color, liberals, college graduates and the poor.

Chuck Grassley for his part says Obama just doesn’t nominate the right kind of people. Grassley is not just blocking Merrick Garland’s appointment to the Supreme Court, but pretty much every nominee Obama has put forth since Republicans took over the senate in 2015.

Both men have considerable experience in judging judges. Grassley once upon a time (this is not a fairy tale folks) would vote IN FAVOR of judicial nominees. So there is something he does like in justices sometimes.

Trump for his part has been involved 3500 lawsuits or about as many as Iowa has in a decade. A person sees a lot of judging with action like that. One can form opinions on what makes the best judges when your suing at the rate of a hundred or so a year. So we must think Trump’s remarks are based on a life of study of the judiciary as a client not the intemperate rant of someone caught in an uncomfortable situation where his attempt to sell a bad product is revealed.

Maybe they should get together for a “Don and Chuck: Courts ‘r’ Us Campaign.” Truth be told, Grassley and Trump probably have much they agree on. But if they don’t we may only have this last dance to remember them by:

Doing the screw the people polka

Doing the screw the people polka

If both lose this fall, maybe Chuck can pick up a “Trump Steaks” franchise and maybe Don the Con can learn some grass cutting tips from Grassley and start a lawn care business.

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