Sunday Funday: National Cancer Survivor’s Day Edition


Congratulations to all here who have conquered one of man’s most dreaded diseases.

Major thanks to all who have worked tirelessly over the decades to eat away at the power of cancer – researchers, doctors, staff and some credit to you the taxpayer who has helped fund the research.

Were you paying attention?

1) The incredible string of months with job increases didn’t end, but the pace slowed. How many jobs did the economy add in May?

2) Libertarians put forth a presidential ticket featuring what two former governors last weekend?

3) Meanwhile Sunday what former governor ruled out any kind of a run for the presidency this year?

4) Also on the candidate front, dissident Republicans put forth who as an alternative to Donald Trump this week?

5) In Japan, a 7 year old boy was found alive six days after what happened to him?

6) No climate change, but record flooding inundated what southwestern state?

7) More no climate change. Art was moved from what famous museum as France continues to get nailed by flooding?

8) A Trump news conference turned into a media chastisement this week. What was the purpose of the news conference?

9) Iowa’s primary for state and federal races will be held when?

10) A sad anniversary today. June 5th, 1968 what presidential candidate was assassinated following the California primary?

11) A major case in sexual freedom was decided June 5, 1965. What was the issue in Griswold v. Connecticut?

12) SiriusXM suspended what well-known right wing talker after a guest made a veiled threat on Donald Trump’s life?

13) In San Diego, federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel unsealed documents in a lawsuit against what business?

14) Hillary Clinton got a major endorsement from what former foe of her husband’s?

15) The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) said what must be done to avoid “low growth traps”?

16) In a well reported story out of Cincinnati, a silver back gorilla was killed after what happened?

17) Kenneth Starr was in the news as he announced he would leave his remaining job at what university?

18) What normally anti-Obama governor was begging the administration for help concerning what crisis?

19) The CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) proposed new rules that will directly affect what so-called industry?

20) From the foreign bureau – What international leader endorse Donald Trump saying Trump was a “wise politician”?

As basketball end, football starts.


1) 38,000

2) Gary Johnson (New Mexico) and William Weld (Mass.) – both were once republicans

3) Jesse Ventura

4) David French – don’t know and don’t care

5) his parents abandoned him in a forest as punishment

6) Texas

7) the Louvre

8) To reveal who received money from Trump’s fund raiser for vets

9) June 7th (Tuesday)

10) Robert Kennedy

11) privacy in matters of birth control

12) Glenn Beck

13) Trump University

14) Gov. Jerry Brown of California

15) governments must boost spending

16) a 3 year old boy got into the gorilla’s cage

17) Baylor

18) Rick Scott of Florida. But Obama has no power here. Republicans left town without funding zika programs

19) the Payday Loan Industry

20) Kim Jung Un of North Korea

See you next week!

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