Time To End Our Insane War On Ourselves

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Yet another extremely sad story of death by guns in America. The Sandy Hook massacre produced the same punch in the gut response. Tragedies like these are preventable.

As we remember those who lost their lives in war, also remember those who die at home in what seems to be an undeclared war on America by Americans. 33,000 a year is a lot to lose with another 100,000 injured. The devastation for families, loved ones and acquaintances is indescribable. Add to that the hospital bills and the loss of earnings for those who survive but are crippled. It is time for America to address this problem.

“On April 9, 2013, we had to watch my sweet, beautiful, 6-year-old boy take his last breath,” Christine Holt told a judge during a sentencing hearing in 2015, according to the Asbury Park Press. “We used to imagine what he would be like when he got older and grew up. Now all we can do is imagine what he could have been.”

This week’s court proceeding, NJ.com reported, unfolded in less than two hours and included more wrenching testimony from Brandon Holt’s mother, who recalled encountering her badly injured son; he was gasping for air after being shot, his eyes open, his mouth bleeding, according to NJ.com.

“I was rubbing his legs, telling him to breathe,” Christine Holt said. “I kept telling him I loved him.”

So far in 2016, at least 95 children younger than 18 have picked up a firearm and accidentally shot themselves or someone else, according to data from Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun-control group funded by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. The advocacy group, which compiles shooting data using news reports, found that 278 such shootings occurred in 2015.

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