Sunday Funday: Graduation Time

Before they can graduate they must pass this week's quiz

Before they can graduate they must pass this week’s quiz

May is for graduations. We hope all of you graduates out there have a very successful post graduation, whether it be going on to further education or taking s crack at the working world. There is much work that needs to be done in the United States these days, the question is whether anyone is willing to pay to have it done.

Were you paying attention last week?

1) At an NRA convention in Louisville, Donald Trump declared that who would “abolish the 2nd amendment?”

2) Tourists at Yellowstone Park tried to assist a baby bison that looked to be ill. What happened to this bison?

3) Tuesday saw one more round of presidential primaries. Which Democrat won in Kentucky?

4) Eric Fanning was confirmed as Secretary of the Army by the senate Tuesday. What is significant about this appointment?

5) $57,600,000 was the price for what jewel sold at auction in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday?

6) Accusations flew back and forth between Clinton and Sanders camps all week concerning conventions the previous week in what state?

7) US Special Forces last week admitted they are helping what country to fight ISIS?

8) An estimated 279 pregnant women in the US may have been infected with what?

9) A young woman in Connecticut who had just donated her hair to make wigs for children with cancer was accused by another customer in a Walmart restroom of being what?

10) The man who recommended Sarah Palin to John McCain has been hired by Trump to do what?

11) An EgyptAir flight disappeared over the Mediterranean Sea Thursday on a flight from where to where?

12) Golfer Phil Mickelson, whose disdain for paying taxes is well known, was charged by the SEC with what on Thursday?

13) The gun used to kill Trayvon Martin was reportedly sold on an internet auction site for how much?

14) Last week “60 Minutes” had tribute to this long time reporter; this week the reporter died. Who was this “60 Minutes” reporter?

15) In Oklahoma, Governor Mary Fallin vetoed a bill that would have made what a felony?

16) Donald Trump met with what former very controversial Secretary of State last week?

17) Scientists unveiled evidence that what had taken place on Mars millions of years ago?

18) June 22 at 2PM what former 2nd person in succession to the presidency will report to federal prison to begin his sentence on violating banking laws?

19) Philodi, Rajasthan, India reported a high temperature of 51 Celsius Thursday. What is that in Fahrenheit?

20) Friday afternoon an armed man was shot by Secret Service near what national building?

One of the youngsters we mentored is graduating this year and has earned a ton of scholarships. Makes us feel so good to see her success.


1) Hillary Clinton – all by herself. Read that constitution, Donny – may come in handy some day

2) After his contact with humans he was rejected by other bison and ended up having to be put down.

3) Clinton

4) Fanning is openly gay

5) The “Oppenheimer Blue” diamond

6) Nevada

7) Libya

8) zika virus

9) a transgendered male in the women’s restroom

10) Vet vice presidential candidates. Does he still have the magic?

11) Paris to Cairo

12) insider trading.

13) $120,000

14) Morley Safer

15) performing an abortion.

16) Henry Kissinger

17) a tsunami

18) Dennis Hastert

19) 123.8 F – India is experiencing a severe heat wave this spring

20) The White House. The President was not home.

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