Stopping The Dakota Access Bakken Pipeline

oil spill

Dakota Access’ Bakken pipeline will spill 1 million+ gallons of crude in its lifetime


Video below is Bold Iowa Director Ed Fallon holding this petition to present to the Army Corps of Engineers in Omaha!

“Ancestral farmland, ancient tribal burial grounds, imperiled rivers and public drinking water are ALL at risk in the path of the Bakken pipeline. North Dakotans, South Dakotans, Iowans and Illinoisans are taking a stand against this deadly plan to transport 500,000+ barrels a day of highly toxic crude oil through some of the richest and most productive farmland in the world. The state government officials charged with “reviewing and approving” this plan are NOT elected officials. They are political appointees looking after their own narrow interests instead of the future of the people they allegedly serve on behalf of. Unite with us to fight this violation of native treaties, sacred burial sites, and The Clean Water Act. We need all of the help we can get to stop this disastrous and wasteful plan to spend billions to build new fossil fuel infrastructure in an age where that money needs to go to renewables instead of making quick cash for big oil and poisoning farmers and average Americans in the process. Join us as we fight for the right to a liveable future!”

If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch the video and also sign the Standing Rock Youth petition!


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