Focus On Iowa: Pat Murphy For Congress

Pat MurphyAccording to Pat Murphy’s website, he lost the congressional race of 2014 by 7,000 votes but there were 15,000 absentee ballots that went uncollected. That happened.  So… if you would like to volunteer for a campaign this year and you don’t like making phone calls to voters (who does?), volunteer to go out and collect Democratic absentee ballots.

A lot of Democrats are upset that lifelong Democrat Murphy is making an issue out of the fact that his primary opponent Monica Vernon, is not a lifelong Democrat, having switched from the GOP in 2009, but it seems like fair game. True, she was on the Democratic ticket with Jack Hatch during the 2014 gubernatorial campaign, so it’s kind of a moot point. At the same time, if much was said about her changeover, it may not be widely known.   So I think there is nothing wrong with pointing out the fact that she’s a relatively recent Democrat.  She could use it as an opportunity to tell her personal story of leaving the Republican party to become a Democrat,  turn a negative into a positive. Was it purely a political move or was there some sort of ideological transformation? It would be interesting and informative for voters to hear.

Just for the record though, Democrats in general should not villify one another while emphasizing differences during primary season.

Here is a link to candidate Patrick Murphy’s campaign website and Facebook page.

I couldn’t find a recent, share-able video. Note to campaigns: post your videos on Youtube, please. They are much easier to find and share!

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  1. karen byrne says:

    I would like a response from Mr. Murphy concerning the Koch Brothers donation. What is your stance on Fracking in the country and oil pipeline across Iowa? How will you work in congress to get things done? How willbyou work with midwest representatives to promote technology and repai our infrastructure.


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