Sunday Funday: Everyone’s Packing Edition

WWJS - who would Jesus shoot?

WWJS – who would Jesus shoot?

Iowa like so much of the country seems to be headed down the path to the good old days of the wild west. But in a less noisy way. They didn’t have silencers back in the day when the gun ruled the west. With silencers, a mass murderer can kill people in the darkened theater without disturbing other patrons. The silencer also will also help the mass murderer maintain good hearing into his or her old age. See? Isn’t that much better both for customers and patrons?

But if you like noise, now you can blow off your fingers and toes with Iowa bought fireworks this year. Scare the living crap out of livestock, cats, dogs and veterans. Hours of fun for everyone from your friendly Iowa legislature!

To be honest, I am not sure these bills have passed, I am amazed they are even being considered. Our predecessors did have some good ideas.

Were you paying attention last week? Hardly anything happened.

1) Remember the song “A Big Panama with a Purple Hat Band”? After last week “A Big Panama” might refer to what?

2) How many days has it now been since Antonin Scalia died and Charles Grassley has refused to have hearings for a replacement?

3) After a loss of well over 500,000, what bloody American war ended 151 years ago yesterday?

4) How many Tesla Model S cars have been ordered for its late 2017 delivery?

5) Candidate Donald Trump proposed paying off the national debt by doing what?

6) The first casualty of the Panama Papers revelations was the leader of what country?

7) Monday higher minimum wage laws were signed in what two states?

8) Another “religious liberty” bill that allows discrimination based on individual religious beliefs was signed into law in what southern state last week?

9) In one of the most exciting championship games ever, what school won the men’s NCAA basketball championship on a buzzer beater?

10) Connecticut won the women’s NCAA basketball title making it how many straight championships?

11) April 12th, 13th and 14th are significant in the history of American presidents. Which president died on April 12th, which was born on April 13th and which was shot on April 14th?

12) The attorney for what former Speaker of the House is seeking probation for his client claiming he had been “punished by public shaming”?

13) The coloring book for grownups craze has led to a shortage of what?

14) Two men died and 31 were injured when an Amtrak train hit what that was sitting across tracks near Philadelphia?

15) Governor Branstad said everything went well, but Democrats in the legislature heard quite a different story as what was privatized on April 1st?

16) Who got 12 days in prison for each of the 29 men who died in a mine explosion for which this man was found guilty?

17) Pfizer’s attempt to takeover Allergan was scuttled by new rules on what tax avoiding practice by the Obama administration?

18) Connecticut women’s basketball coach, Geno Auriemma, passed what legend for most NCAA championships?

19) After Donald Trump stated he would pay for the Mexican wall by taking money from money orders from the US to Mexico, Steve King stated that such money is usual what?

20) A leak in the Trans-Canada pipeline in South Dakota first estimated at a few gallons was now estimated to be nearly how many gallons?


1) a big tax avoiding account offshore

2) 57

3) the Civil War

4) 325,000

5) sell off government owned assets

6) Iceland

7) New York and California

8) Mississippi

9) Villanova

10) 4

11) FDR, Thomas Jefferson and Lincoln in that order

12) Dennis Hastert. This guy was 3rd in line for the presidency for a decade?

13) colored pencils. don’t throw a tantrum

14) a track maintenance vehicle

15) Medicaid

16) Don Blankenship owner of Massey Coal

17) inversion

18) John Wooden. Auriemma won his 11th championship

19) laundered drug money. Is King racist or is he racist?

20) 16,500 so far, so between 10,000 – 20,000

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