STATEMENT: Branstad’s Dangerous Healthcare Decisions

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For Immediate Release: April 1, 2016
Contact: Monica Biddix,,
(515) 661-4586

April 1st Is No Laughing Matter: Branstad’s Dangerous Healthcare Decisions

Medicaid privatization, water quality failures the latest examples of Branstad/Reynolds’ misplaced priorities

Des Moines, IA — Progress Iowa executive director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement in response to the April 1st implementation of Medicaid privatization:

“Medicaid privatization was a bad plan from the beginning and risks the healthcare of nearly 580,000 of Iowa’s most vulnerable citizens. This week, we learned of a 9 year-old cancer patient who was denied treatment because of the transition. Thousands of others are being forced to switch providers or travel greater distances for care. Medicaid recipients in north Iowa will no longer receive care from the nearby Mayo clinic which did not accept the private management agreement. Governor Branstad’s ill-advised, fast-track methods are shameful, inexcusable and not in the best interest of Iowans.”

“In 2014, Governor Branstad campaigned on a promise to make Iowa the healthiest state in the country. Since re-election, Branstad has failed to live up to his promise by shutting down three Iowa mental hospitals in 2015 and spearheading Medicaid privatization with little legislative input or oversight in 2016. This week, Branstad went one step further by promising to veto a voter-approved tax plan that would improve Iowa’s water quality issues. It’s clear that Governor Branstad doesn’t want to address water pollution unless it’s at the expense of our schools. Unsafe drinking water and polluted rivers and streams are nearing emergency crisis levels in Iowa while Branstad stubbornly allows his ego to outweigh any benefits to Iowans’ health and well-being.”

“Iowa’s drinking water, mental health institutes, and health care for our most vulnerable citizens are all under attack by Governor Branstad. If he truly wants to make Iowa the healthiest state in the nation, he has a funny way of showing it.”

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Monica Biddix
Communications Director
Progress Iowa

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