GOP, Koch Money Focusing On Down Ballot Races

iowa legislative districtsThey know they can get what they want through Republican governors and GOP controlled state legislatures.  This is why in 2016 Iowa activists should be focusing on the state senate and house races.  Click  here for more info.

Translation: Forget about Bernie and Hillary. Support your Democratic state senate and house candidates and Democrats running for congress.


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2 Responses to GOP, Koch Money Focusing On Down Ballot Races

  1. Dave Bradley says:

    this needs to be hammered home over and over.
    Thanks for the reminder.


  2. Paul Schaefer says:

    Friends –

    Yesterday, Tom Fiegen invited Patty Judge, Rob Hogg and Bob Krause to a live televised debate on is a very committed, progressive grassroots online broadcast network based in Portland Oregon. They cover Bernie events regularly. Tom’s campaign approached BernieTV a couple of weeks ago with the idea and they said yes. The debate would be live on their YouTube channel. No date is set. Tom is waiting to hear yes or no from the other candidates. He sincerely looks forward to all of them joining together for this digital democracy event.

    Please join us in asking the three other candidates to join in a lively debate of issues.

    Thanks –

    Paul Schaefer
    Campaign Communications Dir.,
    Fiegen for U.S. Senate Committee, Inc.
    Cell: 719-287-6867


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