Why The Media Handed Over The Airwaves To Trump

do not feed the fearsEver wonder why the blanket TV coverage of the Donald?  Why don’t they cover the huge Bernie Sanders rallies?   Hillary has more votes so far than the Donald. Why isn’t she being covered as a “national phenomenon?”

I do not buy that it’s what the people want; rather, it is what we are being fed. Put a trainwreck on the TV on all of the channels 24-7 and we’re basically forced to watch. Not the same thing as, people sitting around their living rooms saying, “gee, I really want to watch Donald Trump on TV right now!” While this Ring of Fire segment doesn’t fully explain why Trump has had his way with the media, it offers a partial explanation. The anti-climactic answer is, it has to do with the networks getting more advertising dollars per minute. Ratings go up because people can’t take their eyes off of scary things.  Fear and anxiety cause people to buy products that will make them feel better.

Yep. This is where we are, kids.


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