Sunday Funday: Moving To Canada Edition

Maybe we should build a wall?

Maybe we should build a wall?

The Hill reports that as Trump victories piled up on Tuesdsay so did googles for “moving to Canada,” far surpassing the previous record high following George W.’s re-election. No doubt Trump will be starting a service to help accommodate those people he will drive out of the country. This could be a textbook example of Republicans creating a crisis and then profiting from it.

The question is: will Canada accept refugees from the USA. After all, the USA refused to help Syrians.

Were you paying attention? It was a busy week!

1) Did you set your clock ahead this morning?

2) According to Marco Rubio, Donald Trump has small what?

3) The brother of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers, Charles, a civil rights leader himself, endorsed who for president Friday?

4) In a surprise, South Dakota’s Governor Dennis Daugaard vetoed a bill regarding whose use of public school bathrooms?

5) In a national sweep last week, major participants in what resistance action were arrested?

6) The SCOTUS heard arguments in a case that could have major consequences for what hot button issue?

7) NASCAR head Brian France jumped on board for what presidential candidate last week?

8) Wow! Only seven years later Republicans form a task force to create an answer to what democratic program?

9) Which potential Grassley challenger turned in paperwork to be listed on the primary ballot on the first day possible?

10) In a very rare move Chief Justice John Roberts rejected a plea to block implementation of a rule on what?

11) It made national headlines when this man spoke at work Monday. How long had it been since Justice Thomas spoke in SCOTUS session?

12) Imagine sitting in a vehicle for a year! Who returned to earth Tuesday after a year in space?

13) So a President goes to a baseball game? Why is the game Obama plans to see on March 22 such a big deal?

14) Seventy years ago yesterday in Fulton, Missouri Winston Churchill uttered one of the most enduring phrases of the cold war. What was this phrase?

15) To get the iditarod Dogsled Race going Anchorage, Alaska had to do what?

16) According to data from weather satellites, temperatures in February compared to other Februarys in what way?

17) In a announcement last week, the Chinese government said what will happen to nearly 2 million workers?

18) Who broke the unwritten Republican 11th commandment with a scathing speech denouncing Donald Trump?

19) President Obama is said to be seriously vetting what federal appellate judge from Cedar Rapids to replace Antonin Scalia?

20) The president said his family will live where after his term is up?

Another exciting girl’s state basketball tournament ends as the High Holy Days of basketball builds to a crescendo.


1) if you did, set it back. Daylight time starts next week!

2) hands. But the implication was genitals.

3) Donald Trump. really

4) transgendered students

5) the resistance at the Cliven Bundy ranch

6) abortion – a loss or tie in this case will be bad for women

7) Donald Trump – despite having pulled races from his venues.

8) the ACA – they always said they had a plan. Now they may actually get one.

9) Rob Hogg

10) air pollution at power plants. complicated but he stopped a block that the Court before Scalia’s death had implemented

11) 10 years

12) Astronaut Scott Kelly

13) The Devil rays play Cuba in Havana

14) “the iron curtain”

15) ship in trainloads of snow. All their snow has melted

16) the warmest ever by a huge 1.5 degrees

17) they will be laid off – an unusual move in China

18) Mitt Romney

19) Jane Louise Kelly

20) Washington, DC at least until Sasha finishes high school. They may move into a smaller house, though.

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  1. Paul Deaton says:

    Of course the dream ticket for Republican wall-builders would be the mogul (wall at Mexican border) and Scott Walker (wall at Canadian border).


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