IRS Complaint Filed Against Joni Ernst Backers

joni ernst the perfect Koch investmentThe organization that funded Joni Ernst, Trees of Liberty, no longer exists, disappearing after doing nothing but financing her campaign. That and other probable illegalities are discussed here. Take a trip down memory lane as the lawyer for the Center for Media and Democracy explains what they did.

“A few months ago when the tax filings for Freedom Partners came out, Freedom Partners being the conduit for Koch money, we found out that in 2014, Trees of Liberty was entirely funded by the Koch political network. Trees of Liberty the group that came out of nowhere, dropped an incredible amount of money on this Iowa GOP senate primary race, was entirely funded by the Koch Brothers, and the Koch political network, and ultimately, broke the law in the process. That is what we allege in our complaint.”  Read the complaint here.

See exhibits here and here.  Read the DOJ Letter here

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  1. Dave Bradley says:

    There you go Iowans. Joni Ernst, a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries.


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