Sunday Funday: It Has Been Colder Edition

“When I was a boy, if you talked to someone outside, you’d have to gather up the frozen words, take them inside and thaw them before you knew what they said.”

Well, it is cold outside but not nearly as cold as a Republican’s heart. Only scientists have thermometers that measure that low. Makes you wonder if a scientist could measure the temperature of Branstad’s heart as he pushes to take money from from the most vulnerable in Iowa to give that money to corporations. Can you say Absolute Zero!?

But enough of cold talk, it gives me the chills. Let’s warm up with a quiz!

1) Albert Einstein popped up in the news this week. What did he do that was newsworthy 60+ years after his death?

2) What restaurant chain closed its doors across the country at lunch hour Monday for a meeting on food handling safety?

3) In Iowa Marco Rubio claimed his 3rd place finish was a victory. Where did Rubio finish in New Hampshire?

4) It is still Black History Month. Who is most identified with the Underground Railroad – Frederick Douglass or Harriet Tubman?

5) The city of Cleveland, Ohio made headlines when who was charged for emergency medical services from 1.5 years ago?

6) One of the leading voices against privatizing Medicaid in Iowa is what former governor?

7) Feb. 12, 1809 what two men were born who would have major impacts on history?

8) Black History Month. What man became the first death of the American Revolution when he was shot at the Boston Massacre?

9) Today is Saint Valentine’s Day. Valentine is thought to have existed and was said to have been a bishop near what major city in the 3rd century?

10) The Congressional Black Caucus PAC endorsed what Democratic candidate Thursday?

11) A member of the US Women’s Soccer team has said she may skip the Olympics in Rio this summer because of what?

12) Black History Month. What lawyer was probably the most hunted man in America, but ended up on the US Supreme Court?

13) The Iowa Utilities Board has yet again delayed an expected decision on what controversial subject this week?

14) Exit polls in New Hampshire found that 2/3rds of republicans were in favor of what policy espoused by Donald Trump?

15) A Florida man was arrested for throwing what through the drive up window at a Wendy’s back in October?

16) In the state of Tamil Nado, India a bus driver became the first person ever to have been confirmed killed by what?

17) The National Highway Transportation Safety Board ruled that what could be considered a legal driver and google celebrated?

18) Black History Month. Carver Hall on the Iowa State University campus is named after what famous ISU graduate?

19) In Cuba, the Catholic Pope (Pope Francis) met with the head of the Orthodox Church (Patriarch Kirill) for the first time in how many years?

20) Who left the clown bus this week?

Hard to believe, but daylight time is only a couple weeks away.


1) predicted that gravitational waves existed. Discovery of their existence was announced this week.

2) Chipotle

3) 5th – he’s on a roll

4) Harriet Tubman

5) the family of Tamir Rice was charged for emergency magical services stemming from his shooting by police. The bill was withdrawn the next day.

6) Chet Culver

7) Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin

8) Crispus Attucks

9) Rome

10) Hillary Clinton

11) Hope Solo said she may skip the Olympics because of the zika virus

12) Thurgood Marshall

13) the Bakken pipeline

14) banning Muslims from entering the US

15) a 3.5 foot alligator

16) a meteorite – boy was he lucky?

17) AI or artificial intelligence

18) George Washington Carver

19) since the Great Schism of 1054 or just short of 1000 years.

20) Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina

Go Hawkeyes and Clones!

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