Sunday Funday: Who Cares About The Super Bowl

chili bowl never lets you down

chili bowl never lets you down

The Super Bowl is much like Donald Trump. Since you hear about it in nearly every other sentence at some point you become curious about what it looks like. But I have fallen for that trick before. Yet again this year I will try not to watch any of it. Pro football to me is quite boring. Fifteen minutes of “action” fit into sixty minutes of game clock crammed into 200+ minutes of TV time. By my counting that is 200 minutes – 15minutes of “action” = 185 minutes of what? Mostly commercials.

I hate commercials with a passion. I especially hate commercials after being subjected to 6 months of the most intense lying in the guise of Republican commercials I have ever seen. “But what about those new commercials for the Super Bowl?” you ask. Chances are if I turn on TV sometime in my future life I will run into one of those commercials. If not and I really want to see it, youtube will have it I am sure.

Were you paying attention?

1) In one of the saddest moments of the campaign, what Republican presidential candidate had to ask his audience to “please clap” following one of his statements?

2) Ted Cruz’s campaign tweeted that what competitor had dropped out just before the Iowa caucuses?

3) The State Department’s Inspector General revealed Thursday that what former female Secretary of State used private email for classified information?

4) Who won the Iowa Democratic Party caucuses Monday?

5) Ted Cruz won the Republican caucuses. Who accused Cruz of cheating to do so?

6) The threat of what forecast for Monday night fortunately held off until the caucuses were over?

7) The nation’s right wing went crazy after the president visited what Wednesday?

8) Can you name the three Republicans who dropped out after the Iowa caucuses?

9) It is Black History Month. What is Brown’s full name from the famous Brown v. Board school anti-segragation case?

10) In the above case what Board was the defendant in the case?

11) Once the darling of the early tech companies this former giant announced they would lay off 1700 workers this week?

12) (black history) Claudette Colvin did it first but was hardly noticed. A year later what civil rights icon sat down on a bus and launched the Montgomery bus boycott?

13) She’s baaack! What daughter of a former vice-president announced she would run for the House seat from Wyoming?

14) Apple stock has struggled and Alphabet is now the most valuable public company. What does Alphabet do?

15) (black history) 1967 in the case of Loving v. Virginia, SCOTUS overturned what that was previously banned especially in southern states?

16) What documentary film maker and famous former Flint resident found himself in the hospital with pneumonia as his latest film opened in the US?

17) What former head of the NAACP endorsed Bernie Sanders late last week?

18) What Iowa politician had previously asked Republicans to vote against Ted Cruz at the caucuses?

19) What Republican came in third and acted as if he had won the Iowa caucuses?

20) Mitt Romney promised unemployment under 6% by 2020 if he was elected president in 2012. What was unemployment officially as of Friday?

Got to admit, the caucuses really took it out of me. The good news is that the next caucuses will be much easier as we meet to re-elect the Democrat that wins in November.


1) Jeb! Bush

2) Ben Carson – Carson went home to Florida to change clothes. The Cruz capping claimed Carson dropped out

3) Condoleezza Rice

4) Officially so far Hillary Clinton

5) Donald Trump ( Terry Branstad did so also)

6) blizzard or a major snowstorm

7) a mosque

8) Rand Paul, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee

9) Linda Brown

10) Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas

11) Yahoo!

12) Rosa Parks

13) Liz Cheney

14) it is the parent company of Google

15) inter-racial marriage

16) Michael Moore

17) Ben Jealous

18) Terry Branstad

19) Marco Rubio

20) 4.9%

Shoot I don’t even know when kickoff is……..

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