Children Should Not Have Guns

iowans-guns-web-version-jpeg300X300Why do we even have to say this stuff? 

Below is an action alert from Iowans for Gun Safety. The bill mentioned here appears to be sponsored by Matt Windschitl (R) who also helped pass it out of subcommittee and whose family happens to own a gun store in Missouri Valley.  Windschitl introduced “Stand Your Ground” legislation in 2013 based on a model bill originally promoted by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  In 2014, Windschitl  wanted silencers:   “Another bill I am working on is to allow Iowans the opportunity to own a firearm suppressor,” said Rep. Matt Windschitl (R-Missouri Valley) in a newsletter. “As I have said before, law abiding citizens are just that, law abiding. We should be allowing Iowans to exercise their rights to the greatest degree possible and not be imposing burdensome restrictions on their Constitutional rights.”   Or burdensome restrictions on the ability to profit from the sale of guns and gun accessories?

HR 2042 would allow a child of any age to possess a pistol or revolver under direct supervision of a parent or guardian.  Watch the Iowa legislature for more great Republican ideas on how to get more guns into the hands of more people.

Please contact your state representative to oppose HF 2042, Kids under 14 handling guns. View the bill at

The proponents of this bill refer to it as a “gun safety” bill, but Iowans for Gun Safety sees it as opening up many dangers. Our argument against it is that children do not have sufficient judgment to understand the permanent consequences of misuse of guns. Children are the most frequent victims of gun accidents. This is true for children from 2-5 who may find a gun in the home and not understand the difference between a toy and a real gun. It is also true for children 12-14, who may want to show off a gun they found in the home and fire it in the process, killing or injuring a friend.

We also think a common sense approach to guns includes other principles, such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, violated when a gun is used to take a life, intentionally or accidentally. Common sense also needs to balance parental rights with public rights. The good of the community needs to be taken into account in gun laws. As the community includes people with many different approaches to parental rights and responsibilities, the law needs to take the broadest approach to safety and health.

To contact your legislator, click here.

Iowans for Gun Safety


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