Republicans Stand For What?

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Let’s just cut to the chase – Iowans are now slightly over a month from their respective party caucuses. If I were a Republican looking at the prospect of going out on a cold winter’s night to vote for one of the dozen candidates that are still standing, I would simply opt for choice ‘B’ – that is stay home and watch some TV. Even better, I think I would go with the intent of having “NONE” as the caucus winner.

True, I am partisan. But overriding that is the deepest desire for our country to live up to the ideals set forth by our Founding Fathers. Knowing full well that no humans are perfect they set up a system of government that would work if those involved worked together to solve problems. They gave power to different branches of government but also to those not in government so that all power would not be versed in one human or even in a small select group of humans no matter how they were selected.

The current Republican Party currently has two major goals. The first is to stop any actions that will move the country forward. Whether it be getting health care to the sick, keeping us out of wars, repairing aging roads and infrastructure or preparing the country for the future with new infrastructure, Republicans have stepped in to stop cold any repairs or improvements with a resounding “NO” across the country.

Their second major goal is to bankrupt the government through a borrow and spend policy while enriching their friends and donors with wealth beyond the imagination of any historical emperor. This is being accomplished through tax cute, tax loopholes, government giveaways and lack of enforcement of regulations and tax laws. The Republican Party is less of a party anymore and more of a company that has an incredible return on investment for the wealthy.

Let’s just take a look at the policies that Republican candidates espouse as they trek around Iowa and the country trying to succeed Barack Obama. Then ask yourself, do they reflect your own ideals or that of the founders?

* More war, less diplomacy

* Making higher education available only to those who can afford it.

* Choking public education in favor of some form of privatized education.

* Denying science in general and the science of climate change in particular.

* Reliance on prayer and divine intervention as a method to solve problems.

* Vilification of the poor due to their economic status.

* Rigging systems (economic, education, legal and social) to keep the poor, poor.

* Selling influence in public office to the highest bidder.

* Stopping the repair of physical infrastructure such as sewer, water, roads and the electric grid.

* Choking the economic system.

* Hindering development of future infrastructure such as internet and renewable energy to maintain huge profits for their donors.

* Creating and fostering divisions within this country based on wealth, on skin color and on religion.

* Grinding the infrastructure of government to a halt – such as the judicial system being greatly slowed by Senator Grassley.

* Demagoguing on issues such as immigration.

Is this what Americans want? It is hard to believe that an American who has had the advantages of a system that created for them the highest standard of living ever would choose a party or a leader whose goal is to completely turn such achievements around in order to make a small group within society wealthier and more powerful. Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and the other Founding Fathers had faith that education and a full airing of issues would lead this country to ever greater heights of governance, not down into an oligarchy based on fear, distrust and personal greed.

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