Happy Holidays

And Happy Holidays To All

And Happy Holidays To All

And A Wish For A Hawkeye Victory.

I want to thank all those who take a look at our posts throughout the year. We do what we can to try to make sense of happenings in Iowa and the world.

If there has been one trend that sticks out to me more and more every year it is simply: the power of greed. Greed more than anything else seems to drive almost everything today. From starting wars and wasting our youth just so armament companies can make gazillions to the insane interpretation of the second amendment that seems to be only for the purpose of selling more and more guns.

We have politicians that openly take what are basically bribes now since United Citizens has taken effect. This rant could go for a long time.

However, everyone needs to take some time to be with family and to recharge. The winter holidays come at a great time to do just that. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanzaa, Jule or even the good old Saturnalia be sure to enjoy this time.

And here is a wish that the New Year brings us a good president, congress and legislature that will have the real needs of the citizenry in mind.

Oh and a would it be too much to hope for a Hawkeye victory in the Rose Bowl?

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