Sunday Funday: Radicalized Edition

I don't have time for games right now!

I don’t have time for games right now!

For the last three days on multiple platforms I have heard or read of how investigators are looking in to how the couple in the San Bernardino shootings were radicalized. Not once in the decades that Christian right wing terrorists have been shooting women reproductive doctors or members of other religions or colors have I heard of one investigator looking in to what radicalized a one of those folks. So how about taking all terrorism seriously. The folks at Planned Parenthood would appreciate it. They are terrorized daily as they simply go to work by “Christians.”

My bet is that any investigation will lead right to groups like Fox news, right wing radio, fake religious organizations like Family Leader and good old standards like the KKK and Storm Front. Hey, congress, let’s put some money out there to investigate those right wing terrorists.

Were you paying attention?

1) RW news advanced a theory that PP shooter Robert Dear may have been trying to rob a bank. That was proven false when it was reported that Dear did what just before the shooting?

2) Recent GOP polls in Iowa have what candidate in the lead?

3) A possible mega merger between what two very old chemical companies was announced last week?

4) Bernie Sanders scolded the media when a reporter tried to shift the conversation to ISIS from what other subject?

5) Hard to believe that the Donald wasn’t named Time’s Person of the Year. Who was?

6) Quick – where are the Hawkeyes playing their bowl game this year and who are they playing?

7) 300 hardy folks jumped into what Iowa lake for the 18th annual Polar Bear Plunge to raise money for charity last Sunday?

8) December 15th is a big day in American history. On that date in 1791, Virginia ratified what thus making it part of the Constitution?

9) Iowa congress person Steve King appearing on the Chris Hayes show questioned the loyalty to the US of what other congress person?

10) In Philadelphia what was thrown at the front door of a mosque during morning prayers Monday?

11) A bombshell from Exxon was revealed last week when they admitted they knew of the effects of what early on?

12) Beijing residents were told to stay indoors as what overtook their city?

13) During oral arguments in an affirmative action case, Justice Scalia stated that black students would be better off where?

14) The Iowa Chamber of Commerce legislative wish list this year includes offering businesses what along with tax incentives?

15) The British Parliament will consider a petition to keep who or what out of the UK?

16) The drug pembrolizumab (sold as Keytruda) was used to cure the cancer of what noted individual?

17) The New York Times ran a front page editorial for the first time in a century on what subject?

18) In a suburb of NYC, a grocery store owner was beaten by a man because he is what?

19) Stormfront, a white supremacist group, has had to upgrade its servers thanks in large part to what presidential candidate?

20) As Christmas approaches, what former major retailer is on the verge of going out of existence?

To lighten the mood, a little Steven Wright:
“Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.”


1) asked for directions to Planned parenthood

2) Ted Cruz.

3) Dow and DuPont

4) the economy and poverty. Sanders was touring inner city Baltimore

5) Angela Merkl. Woman #4 in their long history

6) The Rose Bowl against Stanford

7) Clear Lake

8) the Bill of Rights

9) Keith Ellison. King claimed Ellison was loyal to Sharia law. See the video here

10) the severed head of a pig. Extremely insulting as Muslims view pork as unclean

11) CO2 emissions on climate change

12) a killing smog for at least 3 days. Beijing is the most polluted city in the world

13) attending “slower-track” schools

14) cash. Yep – pay a business for coming in. Does that offend you as much as it does me?

15) Donald Trump for his hate speech

16) Jimmy Carter

17) gun violence epidemic in America

18) Muslim. His attacker kept saying “I kill Muslims”

19) Donald Trump

20) Sears. The Ayn Rand acolyte of a CEO did what competition couldn’t do.

Public Service Announcement: Christmas is only a few days out. Men, it is nearly time to start shopping.

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