Sunday Funday: The Actress Speaks The Truth Edition

Lawrence eviscerates Republicans

1) The password to access the wifi for journalists covering the Republican debate Tuesday was what?

2) Aung San Suu Kyi appears ready to head the government of what country despite not being elected?

3) Last Saturday a guitar once used by what rock start sold for $2.4 million at auction?

4) The president of what university resigned Monday in response to racial tensions?

5) The Obama administration appealed a negative ruling by the 5th District Court directly to the Supreme Court on what issue?

6) After a long study the Obama administration finally announced that it would killing what international project?

7) Wednesday was the biggest online shopping day in history due to what holiday created by Chinese merchant Ali-Baba?

8) On this date in 1777 our first constitution, known as what, was adopted by the Continental congress?

9) As of Monday what two states bordering Iowa sell medical marijuana products?

10) What professional group filed suit against the Branstad Administration to stop the rush to managed care for Iowa’s medicaid program?

11) Iowa saw some rare November events Wednesday as what ripped across Iowa?

12) The SCOTUS granted certiorari for a case out of Texas concerning what divisive issue Friday?

13) What group of workers went on strike Tuesday in their “fight for $15?”

14) What former German Chancellor and architect of the European currency system died last week?

15) A man was arrested outside the White House fence when he deployed what weapon and fired at the White House?

16) As of March of 2016, Sony will no longer make what recording medium that is has manufactured for 40 years?

17) Joe’s Crab Shack announced it will test what new policy for its workers at 18 of its stores?

18) The announcement of the retirement of Wyoming’s only representative has what former Wyoming senate candidate thinking about running?

19) November 19th, 1863, what speech that becomes one of the basic statements of America is delivered?

20) The Iowa Utilities Board held a very well attended meeting in Boone Thursday concerning what issue?

Uh-oh! Big trouble in Paris! Pay attention!


1) stophillary

2) Myanmar aka Burma

3) John Lennon

4) Missouri

5) His executive order on immigrants

6) the Keystone pipeline

7) “singles day” 11/11

8) Articles of Confederation

9) Minnesota and Illinois. But they only sell to citizens of their states

10) the Iowa Hospital Association

11) strong storms including tornados

12) access to safe abortions

13) fast food workers

14) Helmut Schmidt

15) a slingshot

16) beta-max tapes

17) pay it’s workers a decent hourly wage and no tipping

18) Liz Cheney

19) The Gettysburg Address

20) the Bakken pipeline.

The glide path to the holiday season is on. Adjust lives accordingly.

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