Grassley, Ernst Vote To Defund Planned Parenthood Again


In case you missed the vote taken Thursday, the senate failed to pass the short term spending bill that would keep the government open past Oct. 1st. A key provision of that spending bill was defunding Planned Parenthood. Thus a yes vote for the bill would at the same time be a vote to defund PP. This would be a major blow to the health care of women, especially poor women, in this country.

As expected, Iowa’s Republican senators both voted to defund PP.

With an election campaign coming up next fall it seems rather arrogant of Grassley to tell half of the voters of Iowa that he doesn’t support one of Iowa’s mainstay healthcare institutions for women’s health. However, most can remember Grassley’s “standing in the schoolhouse door” approach to the PPACA and his “pull the plug on Grandma” moment as part of his attempt to stop that bill.

Grassley stands for the wealthy. He has opposed any attempt to make health care more accessible for everyone throughout his career.

Grassley is so out of touch with Iowa. Next year will be a good time for him to be retired.

Rob Hogg, Tom Fiegen or Bob Krause will be happy to help him retire.

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