If You Love The Internet And You Vote, Read This

Freepress workshop in Iowa City

Last Thursday, Blog for Iowa attended a workshop sponsored by Freepress and American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) on the future of the internet and the 2016 presidential campaign.  It was a fun evening of information-sharing and preparing to take action.  The training focused on how to get your message out by asking the candidates well crafted questions; how to make sure you get called on at an event; how to talk to reporters and much more.

The power of the people can be stronger than the power of the corporations.

AFSC is calling for a halt to “governing under the influence” through a strategic education and action project, starting in Iowa and New Hampshire, the two states that get the lion’s share of attention from presidential candidates.

Mary Alice Crim Freepress.net

Workshop attendees now have our very own list-serve to stay in contact and organize!

If you love the internet and you vote, sign up with Freepress.net to find out about upcoming Iowa events and actions.  Freepress will be a presence in Iowa between now and the caucuses.

For a comprehensive list of candidate events in Iowa, click here.


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