Sunday Funday: Fall Into Autumn Edition

autumn scene

3:21 AM this Wednesday who’s going to be out in the streets celebrating the long awaited beginning of Autumn besides me? Huh? What about it? Great time for a street party, donchya think? Be sure to wake the kids up, they won’t want to miss the start of Autumn! I always like to think of it as the one day of the year when we all share equal sunlight.

OK – I was gone a week and lots happened!

1) Another debate. In this one we heard that what GOP presidential candidate admitted he smoked pot as a kid?

2) The kiddie debate was short a couple of candidates. Are you savvy enough to know what two Republican candidates were missing?

3) Let’s not dwell on the past, though. Especially when what major world figure is dropping in on the US next week?

4) Bernie Sanders gave a speech at what unlikely venue to start the week?

5) Thursday night in a Q & A session, Donald Trump agreed that what is America’s #1 problem?

6) Top staffers from what 2 Republican presidential campaigns duked it out in a bar in Michigan Thursday night?

7) In 10 days, the 2 year olds (Republicans) in the US House will stamp their feet and close down what if they don’t get their way?

8) It took her two weeks, but what high profile Iowa woman politician finally took umbrage at Trump’s portrayal of Carly Fiorina?

9) The White House plans to raise the number of what to 10,000 next year?

10) In a party vote in Australia, Malcolm Turnbull ousted what Liberal Party leader to become the new prime minister?

11) An NYPD officer body slammed a suspect that turned out to be a famous athlete in what sport?

12) To note Constitution Day last week, Why Courts Matter Iowa Coalition cited what Iowa politician as being the most obstructionist ever for confirming federal judges?

13) September 24, 1957, President Eisenhower deploys federal troops to what city to enforce integration?

14) A historian in England claimed he found the first documented use of what well used word in court documents from the year 1310?

15) A week later and what Rowan County, Kentucky County Clerk is almost forgotten by all but Mike Huckabee?

16) In a victory for what groups, the Navy was ordered to limit use of sonar off the coasts of Hawaii and Southern California?

17) David Letterman comes out of a short retirement to lend a hand on a series about what world problem?

18) The faulty ignition switch cases involving GM resulted in how many executives being jailed for the deaths and injuries caused?

19) In Irving Texas a boy of Middle Eastern heritage was arrested for having a clock bomb, even though police later admitted what?

20) An agreement has been signed to build a Los Angeles to Las Vegas high speed train. One of the partners in this venture is what country?

Fall – who doesn’t love it?


1) Jeb! Bush

2) Rick Perry dropped out and Jim Gilmore seems to have vaporized (poll numbers to low to get an invite)

3) Pope Francis was the answer I expected, but Chinese leader XI Jinping is also coming for a visit.

4) Liberty University

5) Muslims – his staff has spent days trying to backtrack. Trump also agreed Obama is a Muslim.

6) Marco Rubio and Rand Paul

7) the government unless they get a defunding of Planned Parenthood

8) Kim Reynolds

9) refugees from Syria

10) Tony Abbot

11) Tennis – James Blake

12) Chuck Grassley who as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee has essentially stopped any federal confirmations

13) Little Rock

14) the well used F word

15) Kim Davis

16) whales, dolphins and other marine mammals

17) climate change

18) 0, nada, zilch. Just a fine

19) they knew it wasn’t a bomb, but they arrested him anyway

20) China. Geez we can’t even build a train to help fleece the public?

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