Vander Plaats Pressures Branstad To Defund Planned Parenthood.


It should come as no surprise in the Republican Party’s effort to turn Iowa into a southern state that defunding Planned Parenthood would be high on the want list. Last week on the radioiowa website, Iowa’s most influential Republican was revealed to be pressuring the Governor to use his powers to take any state funds away from Planned Parenthood.

It is all the rage among Republican governors who care much more about pandering for votes than actual women’s health and that of their families.

So with the power of his unholy alliance of religion and politics behind him Vander Plaats is putting pressure on the governor. Heck, I am so old that I remember that such unholy alliances between church and state is what drove many of our forefathers to travel treacherous waters to get away from.

The sight of presidential candidates coming to bow at the feet of Vander Plaats and his unholy alliance a couple of weeks ago should give you an idea how much power he seems to wield. Vander Plaats will not be easily ignored.

Based on his track record I think we can be assured that Branstad will give this little more thought than how it will play among the base. Will he think of the young women and the poor who depend on PP for their reproductive health? Does he understand that cutting PP will result in many more unwanted pregnancies since many women will not be able to get birth control? Does he understand that PP is instrumental in helping women of all ages get checked for cancer and other diseases?

As I said, I doubt it. The consideration will be how it plays to the base in a presidential election year.

But I am betting that there are plenty of average Iowans, many of whom voted for Branstad, who would like to put a little pressure on the Governor also. Now we can’t promise votes like the unholy alliance can, but we can sure call in to Branstad’s office one at a time and tell him that if he and his party have no respect for women, you may have a hard time voting for them again. Remember that Sen. Ernst introduced a bill last Monday to defund PP on a national basis.

I can’t think of an Iowan who hasn’t had at least one woman in their lives. A mother, a grandmother, a sister, a niece, a female cousin, a close friend, a wife or maybe an adorable daughter or two. Each and every one of those people deserve having a group like Planned Parenthood around and available for their health care needs.

Many of you probably know that some woman in your life who has used PP services at some time in their life. Make a call for them. Tell the Governor, “I am call for my {friend etc.} who needed Planned Parenthood and PP was there. Don’t take away their funds. They save lives.

I am not pressuring you nor threatening you with Hell to make that call. Do it because women’s health care is something we need to protect and Planned Parenthood is simply the best at it and available to all women.

The Governor’s office is 515-281-5211. Or if you prefer to email here is the link:

planned parentood attack

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