Sunday Funday – Charlie Three Mowers

Could he do this in Washington also?

Could he do this in Washington also?

Chuck Grassley has used his chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee to stop any work on confirming judges to federal benches. Now he is blocking appointments to the State Department. We hired this guy to do some small amount of work that would keep the government working. He refuses to do it. Back in my working days such a refusal would get one an escort to the front door never to be let back in.

So if Charlie refuses to do his work, what can we do to get the $175,000 value for what we pay him? May I suggest we assign him and his world famous mower system to the mowing detail around the capitol. If he refuses to do the work assigned, then we need find him work he will do. He can’t be fired for about 15 months.

A big thank you to Mookie for taking over last week. He is one smart kitty.

Were you paying attention?

1) Former President Jimmy Carter had a medical procedure last week to remove a mass from what part of his body?

2) Chris Christie appeared at a New Jersey racetrack to present a trophy to the owners of American Pharaoh. How did the crowd greet him?

3) Greece’s potential bankruptcy has garnered international news while what US commonwealth slipped into bankruptcy with little notice Monday?

4) The U of Iowa has been knocked from the spot as the country’s top party school by what real den of iniquity as rated by the Princeton Review?

5) Nagasaki was the second victim of the atomic bomb in 1945. What was the date that Nagasaki was hit?

6) Nagasaki was actually the secondary target, but got hit due to bad weather at what primary target?

7) Happy Birthday, Mr. President! Tomorrow is the birth anniversary of Iowa’s only native president. What was unique about Hoover’s VP?

8) Would you like some meth with that? What chain restaurant in Cedar Rapids had the makings of a meth lab discovered on their premises?

9) Iowa Gov. Branstad is being pressured by what religious based group to defund Planned Parenthood in Iowa?

10) Like a noxious weed what popped up overnight on August 13, 1961 and stayed until it was torn down by mobs in 1990?

11) The so-called “top cop” in Texas, Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton was arrested last week in regard to what?

12) Over in France refugees have been discovered camping near what landmark trying to hitch a ride to Britain?

13) Which Republican governor/ presidential hopeful cut state aid to Planned Parenthood to curry favor with far right evangelicals?

14) Netflix announced a major perk for its employees this week. There would no longer be a limit to what?

15) The Olympics took a step toward adding what sport to their lineup soon? This news should make college kids happy.

16) Sadly the world was informed that what whimsical character had its hitch hiking odyssey brought to an end in Philadelphia?

17) Democratic Party leader Debbie Wasserman-Schultz announced this week that there would be how many debates for Democratic presidential candidates?

18) “They are the single most destructive force in public education in America.” Who was Republican candidate Chris Christie talking about?

19) The SEC this week approved a rule that would make companies disclose the pay ratio of what two groups of employees?

20) A group of Republican senators has threatened to do what in an effort to defund Planned Parenthood?

Most of the major world airlines have stopped the practice of shipping big game trophies, such as lion’s heads or elephant tusks. Good


1) his liver Get well soon, Mr. President

2) long and sustained boos.

3) Puerto Rico

4) The U of Illinois

5) 70 years ago today

6) Kokura

7) Charles Curtis of Kansas was 3/8ths Native American (American Indian)

8) Taco Bell (note they knew nothing of it)

9) the family leader and Bob Vander Plaats

10) The Berlin Wall

11) fraud in the sale of stocks before he became AG.

12) the Channel Tunnel

13) Bobby Jindal

14) parental leave

15) ultimate frisbee

16) the hitchbot – found dismembered in an alley

17) 6 beginning in October

18) teacher’s unions

19) CEO and the median wage of company employees

20) shut down the government once more.

Fair starts Thursday. Enjoy

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