Sunday Funday: Countdown To The Hall Of Fame Dinner

could these folks pass the quiz?

could these folks pass the quiz?

Well, hey – the Iowa Democratic Party’s Hall of Fame dinner is this coming Friday night in Cedar Rapids. This should be quite a memorable event. The Democratic presidential candidates will each be speaking. Get ready for some barn burner speeches that cover real Democratic values like health care for all, climate change, inequality of income and wealth, clean environment, regulating Wall Street and the banking system and making education available and affordable for all to name just a few.

Looks like tickets have already been sold out, but you can put your name on a waiting list here

Seems to me CSPAN carried the proceedings the last couple of events before the caucuses. Check it out if you do not have a ticket.

Were you paying attention?

1) New York wasn’t the only state with an escaped prisoner problem. Iowa had a prisoner escape from which of their prisons?

2) Well, this may present some unique security problems. Thursday the administration announced that Pres. Obama will be the first sitting president to visit a what?

3) Hillary Clinton may have taken on a huge fight when she announced in Iowa City she would take on what industry’s lobby group?

4) The Donald (Donald Trump of course) stated in an interview that if he is the Republican nominee he will win the votes of what minority group?

5) Israel announced last week that it will build a wall between themselves and what other country, thus totally fencing themselves in?

6) US female soccer star Megan Rappinoe used what single word to describe herself when asked to do so in an interview on ESPN?

7) Maybe the word is getting out. Nearly two million Americans have ceased using what out of fear of skin cancer?

8) Eric Holder returned to his old law firm of Covington and Burling. At Covington and Burling what type of clients did Holder represent?

9) The old Log Ride at Adventureland Park is going away. Do you know what will be built in its place?

10) FEMA denied a request from Iowa Governor Terry Branstad for a disaster declaration for losses caused by what?

11) One hundred people are killed by guns in the US on average every day. But the news media and the GOP has us focused on one murder that took place in one city because of the immigration status of the perpetrator?

12) The award winning actor who played Dr. Zhivago and Sherif Ali in Lawrence of Arabia died Friday in his native Egypt. He was also a a world class player in what game that he wrote about in a daily newspaper column?

13) Pope Francis is touring South America. He used what venue to change into his vestments for Mass in Santa Cruz, Bolivia?

14) The New Horizon spacecraft had a close encounter with Pluto last week. How far is Pluto from earth?

15) How long does it take a message to be transmitted to the New Horizon spacecraft from earth?

16) Drought in California leads people to do some storage things. What well known actor has been accused of stealing water for his avocados?

17) What major Iowa Republican activist has been invited to a conference on spiritual revival at the Vatican by Pope Francis?

18) Tuesday is July 14th. What major celebration of freedom takes place on July 14th – especially in France?

19) South Carolina’s Republican Rep. Jenny Horne became instantly famous for her impassioned speech to remove the Confederate flag. What Confederate biggy does Rep. Horne count among her ancestry?

20) Finally, a judge in Virginia said what US sports team could have its trademark registration cancelled due to the offensive nature of the trademark?

Here comes sumer – @#$)*^^$#.


1) the maximum security one in Fort Madison

2) prison. Specifically a federal prison in Oklahoma.

3) the gun lobby

4) the Latinos (“I love them and they love me” – guess that is why he is now a piñata)

5) Jordan

6) “Gaaaaay” (see it here)

7) tanning beds

8) big banks. Maybe that is why they were never prosecuted?

9) the Monster Roller Coaster

10) avian flu. Republicans tried like hell to kill FEMA a few years back, nolsw hey complain when they get no help.

11) San Francisco

12) Omar Sharif was a world class bridge player and columnist on bridge.

13) a Burger King

14) varies from 2.7 to 4.7 billion miles. Right now it is 3 bn. miles

15) 4.5 hours at its current distance. That is one way

16) Tom Selleck

17) Bob Vander Plaats

18) Bastille Day

19) Jefferson Davis

20) The Washington Redskins. An appeal is pending.

Stay cool and eat some of that delicious sweet corn that is coming on.

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