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How-To: Talk to your Conservative Uncle at 4th of July!

By Progress Iowa

Discuss confidently with your Conservative Uncle as he goes through the 5 stages of SCOTUS Grief

As you spend time with friends and family this holiday weekend, you know what’s coming: the conversation you can’t avoid with your conservative Uncle.

He’ll usually corner you about the latest conspiracy theory invented by Rush Limbaugh, but this holiday might just be different —> after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage and upheld Obamacare last week, your conservative Uncle will probably be reeling in grief.

How you discuss health care and marriage equality with him will depend on which of the 5 stages of grief he’s experiencing: anger, denial, bargaining, depression, or acceptance.

five stages of conservative grief

five stages of conservative grief

As always, we’re here to help, no matter which of the 5 stages he’s experiencing:

Stage 1: ANGER
Many Republican Presidential candidates find themselves in this stage [Source: ThinkProgress], so it won’t be surprising if your conservative Uncle is here as well. He may claim that the Court didn’t have this authority and that the Justices should be elected.
Our advice: remind him about the three branches of government, checks and balances, and the need for one branch to be independent and free from politics. If that doesn’t work, show him this Schoolhouse Rock video that breaks it down simply.

Stage 2: DENIAL
This is the stage that can be most difficult to break through, if he genuinely believes the Court’s ruling won’t stick. Your conservative Uncle may have fallen under the spell of the Fox News bubble —> the more information he digests, the less informed he becomes [Source: Business Insider].
Our advice: let him know that regardless of what he thinks, this is happening. And the polls are already in — large majorities support both of last week’s Supreme Court decisions [Source: CNN]. Suggest that he change the channel to anything but Fox News, where he’ll discover that marriage equality and affordable health care are here to stay!

Once he’s accepted that these rulings have taken effect, your conservative Uncle may think states can revolt, or there may be some other solution to get rid of the rulings.
Our advice: remind him that Obamacare has been law since 2010, and three fourths of the country were already living in states where same-sex marriage was legal before last week, the few who are trying to resist are quickly coming to terms with the fact that the Supreme Court has ruled [Source: Washington Post].

Your conservative Uncle may seem in despair. He may claim not to recognize this country, or that faith and family aren’t what they used to be.
Our advice: tell him he sounds an awful lot like the people who weren’t comfortable with interracial marriage forty years ago. Or less than a hundred years ago, when women were gaining the right to vote. Then remind him that our country’s history is a timeline of our citizens gaining freedoms: from slavery to voter access, desegregation to civil rights, women’s rights, and gay rights. And remind him that the members of nearly every major religious faith supports same-sex marriage, as well as taking care of their neighbors [Source: Public Religion Research Institute].

It’s unlikely your Uncle has reached the acceptance stage, but if he has, congratulate him! He’s joined the record high number of Americans who support same-sex marriage [Source: Gallup] and recognized that Obamacare is working “better than even many supporters realize.” [Source: New York Times].
Our advice: celebrate and enjoy with the newest progressive in your family!

Remember, the first step is recognizing which stage of grief your conservative Uncle is experiencing. Then engage in conversation accordingly.

Good luck, and have a great 4th of July weekend!

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