Hughie Tweedy To Pipeline: “My Land Is Not For Sale – Not For A Million Bucks”


Beginning on March 2, 2015, Ed Fallon began a walk of 400 miles following the path of the proposed Bakken Oil Pipeline. He will walk from the southeast corner of Iowa to the northwest corner of the state, meeting with landowners and others to talk about the importance of respecting farmland and the imperative to stop the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure projects. Follow his walk on the Fallon Forum website. You can also keep track of Ed’s walk on Facebook and through regular email updates.   For Iowa Pipeline Walk route and schedule detail, click here.

Here is Ed’s post written yesterday, prior to embarking on the first step of his journey.


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Hughie Tweedy/photo credit

I’ve not even taken the first step of my walk and I’m already meeting landowners opposed to the Bakken Oil Pipeline. Last night I had dinner with Hughie Tweedy at a Lee County farmhouse. Hughie is a colorful, fiercely independent farmer whose homestead is just a few farms west of the Mississippi River – and directly in the path of the pipeline. A forest that Hughie and his Dad before him planted and cared for would be torn to pieces if the pipeline were built. Hughie considers his land sacred, and cannot understand how anyone would condemn it for an oil pipeline.

Hughie informed the pipeline company that, in no uncertain terms, his land was not for sale, not for a million bucks. His neighbors don’t want a pipeline coming through their land either, but many feel helpless, resigned to the notion that “you can’t beat City Hall.”

Last night, I told Hughie about some of the nearly two dozen eminent domain battles I was involved with back in the 1990s and 2000s. I told him how farmers and landowners banded together to stop developers who wanted to take their land. Often it was for a lake or an airport, sometimes for a mall or a four-lane highway. When people in the path of these projects stood firm – and got others to stand with them – more often than not, they won.

Hughie is one of several Iowans featured in a documentary focused on Iowans fighting against the misuse of eminent domain. Last night, our evening went late as the documentary crew filled the living room with cameras and equipment and captured much of our conversation.

Today, I head down to the Mississippi River for the first leg of my journey. I’ll take with me cedar, sage and sweet grass given to me by my Native American friend from Earlham, Robert Knuth. Following Robert’s instructions, I’ll offer a prayer of protection for the land threatened by this pipeline, and a prayer that Hughie Tweedy and all caretakers of the land will continue to stand strong.

On today’s Fallon Forum, [see re-broadcast times below] I’ll call in with an update from the Iowa Pipeline Walk as State Representative Dan Kelley hosts the program in the KDLF studio. Also, Dan interviews the new director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa, Jeremy Rosen, about the surprising lack of pardons issued to federal prisoners by President Obama. Also, State Representative Ruth Ann Gaines joins Dan to talk about the achievement gap in education.

Ed Fallon, "People need to be thinking of what changes they can make in their own life."

Ed Fallon, “People need to be thinking of what changes they can make in their own life.”

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Ed Fallon

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3 Responses to Hughie Tweedy To Pipeline: “My Land Is Not For Sale – Not For A Million Bucks”

  1. Carmen Ferguson says:

    Please come across the river to Galena to see for yourself the derailment of 21 tanker cars full of Bakken oil, one was still on fire yesterday….I haven’t heard if they put it out yet. Reports said that it was by a waterway….the waterway is the joining of the Galena River with the backwaters of the Mississippi….not any little river, but one of our country’s major water arteries. Now there are hundreds of heavy vehicles traveling our country roads (some of which are now posted for weight)…to handle the disaster…I can’t fathom how we are allowing our water supply to be so threatened…. I don’t really see any economic gain for my community….okay….I’ll stop my righteous indignation for the moment….please let me know if your group makes it across the river.


  2. Beth says:

    Mr Tweety is a hero. Some one needs to take a stand. He did . He is a Real Man.
    Beth Booton , Former Iowa citizen


  3. Mike Lamb says:

    Didn’t know if you knew the following regarding eminent domain.

    Donald Trump (his corporation(s) attempted to use it in Atlantic City, New Jersey against an elderly woman who refused to sell him her property near a casino site.

    Yahoo just had a story about it, link below.

    As a side comment, about a decade ago the City of Burlington, Iowa forced a 90+ year old couple who had lived in their home for 50 years and raised their family there to sell the home for a commercial development which has yet to get off the ground (the Flint Hills Manor “mall”).

    With the caucuses coming up just thought you might like this information.

    Mike Lamb


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