CBD Oil In Iowa – When?

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Last year Iowa seemed to take a major step into the 20th century when parents and friends of child epileptic patients made an almost irrefutable case for medical cannabis in Iowa. Governor Branstad backed it as did most of the legislature. In a rare show of bipartisanship, a bill was written up, passed both houses overwhelmingly and was signed quickly by the governor.

Problem solved? Nope! Those in need could now use medical cannabis in Iowa, they just couldn’t legally obtain it. So despite all the good press and the kumbya feelings all around, they had accomplished nothing. So one would think that correcting this oversight and actually making medical cannabis available to those who desperately need it would be a high priority. Think again. This is the Iowa legislature we are talking about.

At last week’s legislative forum in Muscatine, Shelly Van Winkle, a veteran, a nurse and a sufferer from fibromyalgia – which can be extremely painful – raised the question to legislators – when will Iowa make it possible for sufferers to actually legally obtain medical cannabis oil in Iowa? She came with a powerful handout showed pictures of Iowans for whom medical cannabis in the non psychoactive form of cannabidiol (CBD) oil, could be a major help. As I looked over the pictures I was stunned to see a friend of mine among the pictures. Unfortunately any help he may have gotten will be too late. He had just died from cancer a day before. Could medical cannabis or CBD oil have helped? We will never know. From what I have read, the answer is unequivocally yes.

Opponents seem to point to one argument only. Marijuana, a member of the cannabis family, has a psychoactive effect when smokes or ingested. However, CBD oil has little to no psychoactive properties. This concern was immediately raised by Rep. Tom Sands (R-88). While study on the effects of medical cannabis and CBD oil has been somewhat stymied by the fear of the psychoactive effects of cannabis especially in the US, there is mounting evidence that shows that CBD oil could be a major player in medicine.

Those opposing CBD oil seem to be grounded in the propaganda of Harry Anslinger from the 1930s. This propaganda was based on racism, fear, and some protection of corporate profits. Throw in a very memorable movie called “Reefer Madness” and you have the ingredients of an irrational reason for opposing legalizing medical cannabis.

For those who have never seen it, here is the 70 minute epic known as “Reefer Madness”

But there are also those who have a monetary stake in keeping medical cannabis illegal. This is one of those “politics makes strange bedfellows” groupings. Folks who stand to lose should medical cannabis or cannabis in general is legalized includes police unions, prison guard unions and privatized prisons, alcohol companies, and good old Big Pharma.

The list of diseases that, given a chance, that CBD oil could offer some effective help with ranges from the aforementioned epilepsy and the pain of fibromyalgia along with diseases such as Crohn’s Disease, chronic back pain and arthritis, traumatic brain injury and Parkinson’s disease.

Hopefully in a couple years this issue will be behind us and we can be talking about allowing farmers to grow hemp for industrial use. Another policy that is grounded in the fear of marijuana spread by Harry Anslinger and still quite alive today. Iowa’s farmers are missing a good bet by not growing industrial hemp.

Until then, here is a little chart that shows which drugs really cause us problems when driving.


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5 Responses to CBD Oil In Iowa – When?

  1. RevRayGreen says:

    CBD-Only Laws: The new prohibitionist trategy to distract voters and delay cannabis reform.

    Please stop the endless parade every year at the Capitol of patients and parents begging for fake compassion…


  2. Shelly Van Winkle RN says:

    I am a nurse. I am a patient. I am Iowa strong and I am working in the best capacity that I know how, navigating a political system that is not favorable, but with respect and an intent towards whole plant medicine.

    I attend meetings and forums. I write to my legislators, I advocate for what I believe in, what science shows to be truth and for a plant that is medicine.

    I do not think negativity and anger will accomplish anything and I want no part of putting other’s down for their efforts or their beliefs. That fierce parade of patients and parents are some of the bravest people I have ever met, they were the first to get Iowa to even acknowledge cannabis.

    I will continue to raise my voice to educate and I hope with all of my heart, change the laws in Iowa so that lives can be saved, so that suffering may be alleviated, so that quality of life can be given to those that suffer daily from chronic illness.

    With all due respect,
    Shelly Van Winkle, RN.


  3. Robin Spake says:

    It is not fake compassion, Ray. I am strongly anti-drug. I have no idea why people want to seek substances to constantly get high. When I was growing up we had alcohol. I understand the need for a social drug, alcohol. But I have no idea why people live each day to become high. There are so many drugs out there. The United States has been sending AIDS drugs to the people in Africa to try fight AIDS there. They often don’t get their medication because someone had discovered that if you smoke the pills you will hallucinate. There is a street drug used to become high which is made from kerosene and codeine. It is injected. It will make you high – once. Sir, it is not marijuana that is a problem. The United States will have a drug problem as long as we want to put drugs in to our own bodies. I have epilepsy. Years ago the medications that I had been taking stopped working. If it were not for marijuana I would have been dead. It was not medical marijuana – medical marijuana did not exist. I was stoned all of the time, until I learned how to use marijuana in a certain way without being stoned. The police knew that I was smoking weed. They left me live in peace, along with the many other medical marijuana patients. Marijuana works as a medication. Today people can obtain it without getting high. I no long need to rely on marijuana to control my epilepsy. I wish medical (CBD) marijuana were legal as it has no side effects. I don’t want to live stoned all of the time. Been there. Done that.


  4. Robin Spake says:

    I understand what you mean when you say that there needs to be ‘true reform’ – making it all together legal (or not). It is not a matter of either / or. We – those people who need high CBD / low THC marijuana as a medication AND those who seek marijuana only for it’s pleasure. There is a third group – medical marijuana patients who need both high levels of THC and high levels of CBD. Some people (such as cancer patients) need both.


  5. CanSirKiller says:

    Its like giving the parents of children an empty syringe with no medicine, or vaccine to put in to help their kids,,,, Iowa should be the rope supplier to the world as quick as hemp grows in this soil, the spin off of that industry would give us plenty of good cheap CBD oil.


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