Great Prognostications In American Conservative History

conservative prognostications

I saw this on and it really caught my attention. A tip of the hat to poster MrScorpio.

This is just a short list highlighting some of the more egregious predictions. No doubt most of us could easily put together 5 or ten conservative predictions that were laughable within a few years. I daresay from the dawn of man there have been those who have warned us about everything from fire to the wheel to electricity. They have served to impede progress, not stop it.

America was once a country where conservatives were scoffed at for impeding progress. Now they hold the megaphones of society and can spread their message of fear of the unknown far and wide and deep. Thanks to ownership of media they can nearly totally blot out voices of progress and vision and promote voices of fear and darkness.

So have a little fun this weekend. Think of some wonder of the world that you enjoy and try to remember or look up what the conservative voices had to say about it.

Oh, by the way, the term ‘conservative’ is truly a misnomer. True conservatives try to save things of value such as the environment. No, these folks are far from conservative. They are reactionaries.

Here is another point of view from Bill Maher last weekend. While conservatives stop progress, socialism built a great middle class at least for a time:

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