Big Oil Polluting Iowa Airwaves On Behalf Of Tea Party Candidate Joni Ernst

joni ernst the perfect Koch investment

Records Show Joni Ernst’s ‘Trajectory’-Launching Koch Brother Friends Have Spent Millions Lobbying Against Renewable Fuels and Iowa Jobs This Year

Now the Oil Barons are Polluting Iowa’s Airwaves with a Million Dollar Attack Ad on Ernst’s Behalf

Topping the Koch Industry’s Lobbying Priority List:

  • ü S.1195 Renewable Fuel Standard Repeal Act
  • ü S. 1807 Corn Ethanol Mandate Elimination Act of 2013

Washington DC – Iowa has become the latest victim of an oil spill — a Big Oil money spill.

It was reported this week that a Koch brothers-affiliated Super PAC is saturating the Hawkeye State’s airwaves with a dishonest attack ad on Joni Ernst’s behalf. Call it a friend doing a friend a favor, and expecting a big favor in return.

Remember when Ernst was caught on tape praising the billionaire oil barons for launching her career “trajectory” beyond “a little known State Senator”? Indeed, the anti-ethanol Koch family and donor network has funneled tens of thousands of dollars into her campaign, especially after Ernst professed her ‘philosophical opposition’ to the Renewable Fuel Standard despite the fact it supports nearly 75,000 Iowa jobs.

That was music to the ears of the entire oil industry which is trying to put their cleaner, cheaper ethanol competition out of business – as was Ernst’s campaign declaration that: “Joni actually believes that when you spend money, you should get something in return.”

So what do the Koch brothers expect in return for their ‘trajectory’ launching investment in Ernst’s political future? According to new report from Environment & Energy Publishing, Koch Industries has spent nearly $9.5 million on its advocacy operations so far this year …That’s a significant hike from the almost $8 million that the oil and gas giant spent on lobbying at this point last year.”

And according to the latest U.S. Senate lobbying reports filed under the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, two of the top legislative priorities that the Koch Industries lobbied for included the Renewable Fuel Standard Repeal Act (S.1195) and the Corn Ethanol Mandate Elimination Act of 2013 (S.1807).

Jeremy Funk, Comm. Dir. Americans United for Change:

“The anti-ethanol Koch brothers are counting up all the favors they’ve done for their friend Joni Ernst, and it’s approaching the million mark. And they’re not the type of guys who forget about it. Would Exxon Ernst be able to say ‘no’ to her big oil friends when they call in a favor that runs counter to Iowa’s economic interests? Would she look the other way when the Kochs spend another $10 million lobbying the Senate to kill the RFS and Iowa jobs? With stakes so high for Iowa’s future, Ernst’s loyalties shouldn’t be this big of a question mark – but unfortunately they are.”


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  1. mark brooks says:

    the ad for Koch Industries is rather interesting. funny that it presents a benevolent company bringing jobs to Iowa.


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