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The Des Moines Register provides a service this election year. They have put together a set of standard questions for those who want to be our leaders and who want our votes. This is one of the great services that a news company can offer citizens, a veritable one stop shop of candidate views.

So I went there Wednesday. The races I am interested in are Governor, Senate and House district 2. The questions are the kind of questions that you or I would really like to ask a candidate if we were to get a chance to sit down and have an hour or so to get to understand what makes this woman or man tick. Questions cover topics from the economy to education, immigration the environment and more. Candidates appear to be given whatever space they want to answer.

I was quite interested to see how Republicans such as Joni Ernst twist answers to things like SS and Medicare both of which she wants to privatize. You can’t say that and expect Iowa’s seniors to mark an ‘X’ next to your name. In another vein it looks like Governor Branstad’s staff simply cut and pasted answers from some “we love Branstad” internet post.

But the biggest surprise was Marrianette Miller-Meeks lack of participation in the survey. “Candidate has not yet provided a response” reads the blurb next to each question.

Makes me speculate why a month and a half after becoming the official candidate in House district 2. Maybe she is tired of answering questions. Maybe she thinks we don’t deserve to know her answers. Maybe she knows her positions on issues like Social Security and Medicare where she is just another Tea Party privatizer will not be taken well so she just won’t answer. Maybe she is afraid she will make the radical right wingers that run the Republican Party these days will get mad at her answers. Maybe she doesn’t have time because she is preparing answers to her role in the Branstad hush money firing scandal.

Stating Republican positions in a Q&A is not that hard. There is only a narrow range of acceptable answers their base will accept and they can easily be cribbed from another Republican. Change a couple of words and Voila! it is now YOUR answer.

Ms. Miller-Meeks owes it to Iowa’s second district voters to answer the questions. And might I add please answer them in a straight forward and honest way.

– If you want give Iowans Social Security to Wall Street big shots to gamble with, say so.

– If you want to voucherize Medicare and let 70 and 80 year olds to take their chances on trying to get private health insurance own it!

– If you want to go back to the previous Republican protected form of health care where it was impossible to get health care or have it paid for by the insurance company say so!

– If you want our kids taught in corporate run charter schools at higher prices and lower results than public schools speak out proudly and own it!

– If you want to bust unions, lower wages and end all job security, speak out proudly and clearly and say so in no uncertain terms.

Please don’t couch what you want to do in Newspeak. Own your positions.

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