Friday In Iowa: Candidate Contributions

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Requests for political campaign contributions began flowing like flood water through the Coralville Lake after the June primary. Their number over-estimates our capacity for political giving by far. In the event a working person, student or retiree has an extra $25 this month for a political contribution, which of the many great candidates might garner the donation?

Here are some Blog for Iowa thoughts on the subject of political giving.

Bruce Braley’s race for U.S. Senate is at the top of the ticket, and retaining Democratic control of the upper chamber is a high priority for progressives. One might feel a small donation would get lost in the millions that will be spent on this race, but as they say, every contribution helps. Donate to Team Braley here.

The challenge for Iowa’s four U.S. Congress seats is retaining what we have and picking up one or two more. Donate to your district’s candidate by clicking on their names. Pat Murphy (IA01), Dave Loebsack (IA02), Staci Appel (IA03) and Jim Mowrer (IA04). Each race has its challenges, and every candidate would welcome another small donation.

Jack Hatch and Monica Vernon seek to give Iowa a fresh start as governor and lieutenant governor. The incumbent has a substantial campaign treasury, and your donation would be put to smart use by Hatch-Vernon. Contribute to Hatch-Vernon for Iowa here.

If one hasn’t picked a spot for that $25 donation yet, there are plenty of other options. In addition to the races above, the Iowa Democratic Party features three additional choices on their candidate web page. Brad Anderson is running for Secretary of State in an open seat. John Neiderbach for state auditor, and Sherrie Taha for Secretary of Agriculture. These lower profile candidates would welcome a small contribution.

Don’t have an extra $25? Don’t worry. Seek out the local campaign and volunteer. The Iowa Democratic Party website has a volunteer page. Reach out to your favorite candidate, or to the county party to get involved. The summer canvass has started and it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

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