Tell The FCC To Save Net Neutrality

Submit your comment: Tell the FCC to save Net Neutrality
By Howard Dean

A free and open Internet is under attack — and time is running out to save it.

The Federal Communications Commission is taking public comment on their proposal that would destroy Net Neutrality and allow the big telecoms to charge extra for carrying content. The first public comment period ends on July 15.

These public comments matter. The FCC is listening to what the public has to say, and a strong public outcry could force the FCC to abandon this flawed plan. More than 100,000 people have submitted public comments, overwhelmingly in opposition to the FCC’s telecom-friendly plan.

Today, I’m joining them. I just submitted my own public comment to the FCC opposing their two-tier proposal and urging them to adopt new rules that would protect a free and open Internet. I recorded my comments on video (and I’m submitting them in writing) to help spread the word and encourage others to submit their own public comment.

Will you watch my video public comment and submit your own comment in support of a free and open Internet before the FCC’s July 15 deadline?

The FCC’s focus should be on pursuing regulations that strengthen Net Neutrality, rather than help the big corporations undermine it.

In my public comment, I call on FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to embrace what progressives are calling “reclassification.” The FCC has the legal authority to reclassify the Internet as a telecommunications service, allowing them to require that all data on the Internet be carried at the same price without discrimination.

Reclassification doesn’t require Congress to act. It just requires the FCC to do the right thing. If enough of us weigh in with public comments for reclassification and against a fast lane on the Internet for those who can pay, we can save Net Neutrality.

Now is the time to make your voice heard. Click here to watch my video public comment and submit your own comment to the FCC. DEADLINE: July 15.

Thank you for helping us preserve a free and open Internet,


Gov. Howard Dean, Founder
Democracy for America

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2 Responses to Tell The FCC To Save Net Neutrality

  1. Richard Smith says:

    Simply, the internet access is NOT entertainment. It (internet) has now become a utility and more importantly a communications and media outlet. Not one or even two groups should EVER be in control of a society’s communications! We took control of Iraq’s communication in the beginning days of the war, remember? Though this is not war but, it has the capability of being as dangerous. People are very insensed over this issue. DO THE RIGHT THING!


  2. Kyle Kinzy says:

    Save net neutrality. The FCC may not be the ideal regulatory agency to govern activity on the internet. Certainly, leaving big telecom and big players in software and internet technologies to their own devices will lead to the destruction of net neutrality. Please take limited action to stop current and future abuses that are destroying net neutrality. The internet has become similar to a public utility. Limiting access (slowing access to the point of being unusalble) to an individual or a business means not only less income but the destruction of a fair opportunity. Doing nothing will lead to the destruction of net neutrality. Please do the right thing and preserve net neutrality.


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