EPA Clean Power Rulemaking

Drought Stressed Corn

Drought Stressed Corn

“The United States has a moral responsibility to act on climate,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy on Monday, June 2. Her agency proposed what they described as “a commonsense plan to cut carbon pollution from power plants.” New rules would potentially cut carbon dioxide emissions from existing coal plants by up to to 30 percent by 2030 compared with 2005 levels. We couldn’t agree more with the need for action, yet the regulations proposed by EPA to reduce emissions were underwhelming.

While it is important to support the administration initiative, some bandwidth must be reserved for the rest of the fight regarding mitigating the effects of climate change. To serve that purpose, Blog for Iowa made this list of links as a reference for readers.

The proposed rules are here along with a number of additional EPA links to related topics.

The draft rule will be politically contentious, as has been almost every proposal, appointment or executive action by the Obama administration. The Washington Post presents a step by step explanation of the rule making and political fight over it. The article is titled, “Everything you need to know about the EPA’s proposed rule on coal plants.”

Dr. Wendy Ring of Climate 911 recently rode her bicycle across the country, including stops in Iowa, to discuss negative health outcomes related to climate change. “We can do better,” said Dr. Ring of the EPA proposed rules. “It is technically and economically feasible for the U.S. to do much better.” She provided the following links to support her argument:

Climate 2030: A National Blueprint for a Clean Energy Economy” by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Tackling Climate Change in the U.S.: Potential Carbon Emissions Reductions from Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy by 2030” by The American Solar Energy Society.

The Solutions Project’s 50 state plans for conversion to 100% renewable energy.

There is a lot to learn about the proposed EPA rules, yet perfect can be the enemy of good. It is time to act on climate, and the administration initiative, while not as good as one hoped, is better than no action at all.

Here is the White House’s web page on the new rules along with social media share buttons.

Organizing for Action has also asked for support here.

On Thursday, U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Braley released a statement on the proposed rules here.

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