Sunday Funday – Smells Like A Lily Edition

The_Thinker,_Auguste_RodinToday is Easter – look outside. If it is raining, legend has it that it will rain for the next seven consecutive Sundays. This is particularly convenient for planning poker tournaments around spring planting. Imagine how guilty you would feel drawing to an inside straight instead of being in the tractor seat seeding the back 40. A rain on Easter Sunday should help salve the soul in regard to poker vs. planting.

If that didn’t fog a Sunday morning mind, let’s try the quiz and see if that doesn’t make you want to crawl back into bed. Here we go:

1) Per Thom Hartmann, it seems like the end of a Monopoly game. What pair’s net worth was pegged at $100 billion this week?

2) Senator Chuck Grassley made a big stink about what last week?

3) The ACA enrolled how many? What is the latest estimate of those insured through the ACA?

4) Many people were amazed when Pulitzer prizes for journalism went to the reporters of what story?

5) In the Kansas City suburb of Overton, Kansas was shocked Sunday with the killings of three people. What was the reason they were killed?

6) According to Americans for Tax Fairness, what corporation got over $7.8 billion in tax payer breaks and subsidies?

7) Governor Branstad continues to be dogged by stories surrounding hush money for fired employees. Now the state may have to pay back what other group, because hush money was commingled with other monies.

8) Math problem: The ACA has been voted on 52 times to be repealed by the US House. At $1.45 million per vote, how much have the Republicans wasted on these votes?

9) An Iowa legislator – Larry Sheets (R-Moulton) spoke in the Iowa House praising Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy for his stand against the federal government. What is Bundy accused of doing?

10) Some 975 former employees fired in the Iowa hush money scandal have been placed on a special list. What is that list called?

11) The CBO released a report that stated that the ACA would actually cost about how much less over 10 years than previously projected?

12) Republicans in what state will be voting on their right to secede from the union at their state convention in early May?

13) Once the Newton track got a handout from the government, it was inevitable that others would line up with their hands out. What other Iowa track put their handout and got a big giveaway from the Iowa House?

14) Hard to believe, but the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission turned down a license for what city by a vote of 4-1?

15) What high profile couple found out they will be grandparents this fall?

Easter bonus: Which of these were crucified and resurrected after 3 days?
B-Attis of Phrygia

1) Charles and David Koch.

2) The plan of the USDA and EPA to create bio-maps of methane emissions

3) 8 million

4) The NSA spying. AKA the Edward Snowden story.

5) The killer hated Jews and thought they were Jews.

6) Walmart. This included healthcare and food stamps for poorly paid employees.

7) Federal government for some portions of their contributions to some projects

8) $75.4 million that Boehner has wasted.

9) stealing grazing rights from the Bureau of Land Management. He has refused to pay for 20 years.

10) a blacklist of people not to be rehired.

11) approximately $164 billion

12) Wisconsin. Will the Badgers still be in the big 10?

13) Knoxville. Who will be next?

14) Cedar Rapids. Bet this one ain’t done.

15) Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Easter bonus: from what I have read all answers are correct.

You have earned a chocolate Easter bunny. Enjoy!

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