Braley opponent: “If You Like Tom Harkin You Will Love Bruce Braley

Here’s a note we found in our inbox today from the Braley for Iowa campaign.  The e-mail suggests that Joni Ernst, who is also running for Tom Harkin’s senate seat, is “cozy” with the Koch Brothers, having attended a recent Tea Party retreat. Not surprising.

Our  household happened to get on Ernst’s mailing list somehow, and we received her campaign letter today.  She outlined her conservative values of anti-gay marriage, absolutist 2nd amendment rights, etc.  She believes that President Obama is eroding our “God-given liberties.”   “If you like Tom Harkin, you will love Bruce Braley,”  her campaign letter also stated. Not exactly a selling point for her because Iowans do like Tom Harkin.  He was elected to Congress and won re-election 5 times. He was also elected to the U.S. Senate in 1984 and was re-elected 4 times.  So Iowans obviously like Tom Harkin and Joni is correct that we are also going to love Bruce Braley. 

However, there is something that Iowans do not like and that is the Koch Brothers meddling in our elections.  For proof, click here here here here here and here.

Please read Braley’s message below, share with your progressive friends and consider volunteering for Braley or contribute if you can.  Joni Ernst may not sound too scary but money influences elections as we all know all too well.  And don’t forget the other business of the Koch Brothers attack ads.

The Koch brothers and their Big Oil allies have been running ads against me all year — the latest as part of a $1.8 million ad buy against me and other Democrats across the country.

And here’s another newsflash: Our campaign recently learned that one of my opponents, Joni Ernst, has been cozying up to the Kochs since last summer when she attended one of their high-roller, Tea Party retreats.

In other words, it’s clear that we’ve been on the Kochs’ radar for awhile and that they’re paying attention to what’s going on in Iowa.

The end of the month is almost here. And if we’re going to fight back against the Kochs and their extreme, anti-middle class agenda, we need to stay on target.

Click here to contribute $5 or more to help us get there.

It’s easy to see whose side my opponent is on.

I’ve been focused on the issues that define our grassroots campaign and matter to Iowa families — creating more jobs, working to get a Farm Bill through Congress, and protecting Social Security and Medicare for our seniors. She’s been on retreats with the big oil billionaires.

With the Kochs pouring money into this race, I can’t win without your support.

Let’s make the most of this month’s deadline.

Give $5 or $10 today to make sure that we hit our $20,000 goal before Friday.

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