Grassley, Latham, And King Following The Tea Party Over The Brink

grassleyAll three of Iowa’s Republican representatives in congress supported a debt ceiling increase when a Republican president was in the White House.  Now, in a blatant display of hypocrisy, our representatives’ support of the tea party, along with their misleading rhetoric and failure to stand up to the extremists in their party combine to impose harm to the country and Iowans by the day because of the shutdown, even before defaulting on the national debt occurs.  Iowans need to get on the phones, e-mail, Twitter, fax, snail mail and demand that our representatives do what is right for Iowans and the country and stop playing extremist partisan politics with our nation’s economy.  Contact info below.

In the Senate,  50 Republicans — 17 of whom are still serving today — voted for the identical bill. Among them was Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), who  explained the bill was “necessary to preserve the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government.” Grassley observed that “without an increase in the debt limit, our Government will face a choice between breaking the law by exceeding the statutory debt limit, or breaking faith with the public by defaulting on our debt. Neither choice is acceptable.”     LINK

tom lathamIn another illustration of extreme hypocrisy,  “moderate” Republican Tom Latham, in August:

 appeared at a town hall in Atlantic, Iowa, and said a shutdown would be “irresponsible” and have a “huge, negative impact.” He even opposed a shutdown as a way to stop Obamacare.  

Worse, they pretend that this is all President Obama’s doing.  As Jon Stewart said, if you believe we’re all better off with the government shut down and defaulting on our debts, at least own it.

steve kingSteve King – 202-225-4426 – Tom Latham – 202-225-5476 – Charles Grassley – 202-224-3744 – Boehner – 202-225-0600 -Cantor – 202-225-4000 – Ted Cruz – 202-224-5922

click here for all contact information for Iowa’s congressional delegation including local office phone numbers

Here is the list of current congressional Republicans who voted to increase debt ceiling under Bush—without hostage threats

reps and sens who supported debt ceil inc under bush

104 Current Congressional Republicans Who Voted to Increase Debt Ceiling Under Bush—Without Hostage Threats


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  1. Dave Bradley says:

    did we send them to congress to solve problems or be problems.
    After the government is back up and running the next problem now that America must solve is to get the crazies out of government.


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