Latham Stands With The Tea Party

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The government shutdown is one week old with no sign of stopping. Congressman Tom Latham is refusing to budge, standing with the Tea Party in demanding a delay in health care for millions of Americans just to re-open the government.

If only Latham could be reasoned with. But who could convince him? Perhaps… Tom Latham should listen to… Tom Latham.

In late August, Congressman Latham appeared at a town hall in Atlantic, Iowa, and said a shutdown would be “irresponsible” and have a “huge, negative impact.” He even opposed a shutdown as a way to stop Obamacare.

Join Progress Iowa and Daily Kos — tell Tom Latham to listen to… Tom Latham. He had it right in August, and he’s got it wrong now. Iowans and Americans can’t afford to live with his flip flop [hypocrisy] much longer.

Now, little more than a month later, Latham has refused to listen to his own advice, and is following in lockstep with Steve King and the rest of the Tea Party to keep the government closed. Meanwhile 800,000 federal employees won’t receive a paycheck, more than 34,000 Iowans may not receive their Social Security checks, and thousands of Iowa’s national guard may be furloughed.

All because of Tom Latham’s flip-flop.

Sign our joint petition. Tell Latham to take his own advice, get to work, and reopen the government without delaying Obamacare.

Thanks for all you do,
Matt Sinovic
Progress Iowa

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  1. Cindy Walraven says:

    I just called latham’s office. who ever answered the phone just wanted to argue with me. Ok so maybe I am wrong but u can tell me. I told him it’s not right that congress is getting paid and no one else is.


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