Before We Go To War…..

afghan civilian deaths

afghan civilian deaths

Well, here we go again. The drums of war are beating. Stories of atrocities; stories of government run amok; stories of good guys and bad. Forgive me if I say that in my lifetime we have been down this path so many times. This time at least we seem to have a president who is weighing what the real costs will be from a bloody excursion. Of course we have plenty of people of the chattering class pushing for war, more than happy to send our overstretched military into yet another action that where losses will be costly and gains ephemeral at best.

Please, Mr. President think long and hard not just about the immediate situation, but what involvement will lead to years and decades out. History should show that when you step in the sand in the middle east, it is hard to pull your foot back out.

FFRF? Who Do They Think They Are?
Ever heard of the Freedom From Religion Foundation? They are a group out of Madison Wisconsin that is working hard to keep church and state separate as they were meant to be. They have been involved in various lawsuits and actions concerning religion and state. Well, they have torn off a huge chunk to chew on now. They have sued the IRS to force them to end tax exemptions (parish exemptions) for churches who cross the line and endorse candidates from the pulpit.

Monday FFRF was declared to have “standing” in the case. That is the court said they have a valid interest in suing. Last year you may remember many evangelical churches openly defied the so-called line to cross by endorsing Mitt Romney from the pulpit. As I recall in several instances they dared somebody to do something. They got their wish. At the time, I believe one pastor felt certain that the courts would rule in their favor. We shall see.

There is also a strange twist to this story in which FFRF co-presidents were declared by the federal government to be “clergy.” Worth a click to read the whole story here.

Bush And Company Get Blanket Immunity

Why not? After all, what damage did they do? Ok, sorry about the snark. I am one who believes that when a person commits a crime they should be subject to some punishment in this lifetime. We have a system of justice that is supposed to set no man above the law. I also feel that the illegal war in Iraq was an almost direct result of Dick Nixon getting a pardon for anything and everything he did as president. What that told the twisted minds of Rumsfeld and Cheney was that a president could do nearly anything and not pay the consequences. So they tested it.

A Reminder For Next Year
Iowa could easily be the next North Carolina. Branstad is a founding member of ALEC. If he were to get a majority of Republicans in both Iowa houses, there would be no stopping them in turning Iowa into the union busting, low wage, education cutting, voter suppressing state they want.

Skipping The MLK Event
In case you had heard that Republicans were not invited to the MLK remembrance event Wednesday, that would not be true. Boehner, Cantor and many more were invited but were too busy to attend. This may have been a good opportunity for Republicans to try to connect with African American voters, but Eric Cantor had a better idea. He was in North Dakota no doubt looking for the black vote there.

Opposing Obama Makes Republicans Twist
Once again the single Republican of the past 5 years has forced the party to do some acrobatic twists explained by illogical rhetoric. The single policy that was struck on inauguration day of 2009 is to oppose Obama at every turn in an attempt to sabotage his presidency. It has been most vividly illustrated in their incredible opposition to the coming health care plan that is a Republican health care idea conceived and fleshed out by the Heritage Foundation. The Republican Party is now considering a last minute kamikaze attack to stop “Obamacare.” Incredible that they may destroy their own party trying to stop a Republican conceived policy.

And now as talk of some type of military action wafts through Washington, Republicans, many od whom have been goading Obama to attack, are now questioning him. Oh what that single Republican policy has caused them to do. As many have said before, I wish Obama would call for a national policy of eating and breathing so Republicans could stop doing that to show their opposition to Obama.

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