Sunday Funday: When Did We Move To Hell’s Zipcode?

just not sure

just not sure

Another lovely brutal summer in Iowa. At least it will be countered by an equally brutal winter in six months. Does it get any better than this? I picked this week to move furniture. Just wanted to show you how smart I am.

Well, let’s see if you were paying attention last week.

1) Once a supporter of terrorist organizations abroad, this Representative is mulling a run for the presidency in 2016. Who is this Representative?

2) This BCI agent’s career ended abruptly after he crossed Governor Terry Branstad for the governor’s alleged speeding vehicle. Do you know his name?

3) Detroit declared bankruptcy this week. Can you name the former NBA player who is the current Mayor of Detroit?

4) “Bullshit” this senator responded to a statement from Minority Leader Mich McConnell during a Republican caucus. What senator would we all agree with?

5) As part of the filibuster deal, Pres. Obama had to withdraw two nominees for what board?

6) July 24th, 1963 the American Legion Boys’ Nation is greeted by Pres. Kennedy. What future president is among the young men shaking hands with Pres. Kennedy that day?

7) Republicans tried to kill this nascent bureau by stopping votes for the leader of the bureau. First it was Elizabeth Warren, then Richard Cordray. What is the name of this new bureau?

8) A juror on the George Zimmerman jury had an offer for a book deal withdrawn when public reaction to the deal caused the publishing company to pull out. How is that referred to in the press?

9) July 22,1963 this still little known pop group from England has its first album released in the United States, “Please Please Me.” What is this group’s name?

10) This candidate for governor of Virginia is pushing for an anti-sodomy law that would make pretty much every couple in Virginia a felon whether they be heterosexual or homosexual. What candidate seems to dream of his state behind bars?

11) No doubt going after the women’s vote when he runs for president in 2016, this governor signed an anti-abortion bill that will close all but 5 women’s health clinics in his state. Who probably won’t get many women’s votes in 2016?

12) “Stand Your Ground” laws are found at the state level. What organization has been instrumental in pushing to get these laws in the various states?

13) Which South American country will be giving solar power cells to its poorest citizens so they can have a cheap source of electricity?

14) He declared himself a “proud whacko bird” once more,  this time in Iowa Friday. I agree – he is whacko. Who is this guy?

15) She wants to be next Senator from Wyoming. But first Daddy must tell her where the heck it is. Who is this little girl lost? Bonus, where does she really live?

Want to see some really cool historic pictures? Check out this website – there is no porn there but some really interesting pics.

Now – the Answers!

1) Peter King who supported Sinn Fein and winner of the most sane man named King in the House

2) Larry Hedlund

3) Dave Bing

4) Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee

5) the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board)

6) Bill Clinton

7) CFPB – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

8) B37

9) The Beatles

10) Ken Cucinelli – he’s the Republican, BTW.

11) Rick Perry

12) ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council)

13) Peru

14) Sen. Ted Cruz

15) Liz Cheney currently a proud resident of Northern Virginia. But she recently did buy a house in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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