This Week On The Fallon Forum: Health Care, Monsanto, Spying And More

fallon forumDear Friends,

Remember last week? Yeah, I know, in this fast-moving world of ours, it might seem like a distant memory. But it was a darn good week:

– President Obama’s action plan on climate change was more ambitious than expected.
– The Supreme Court ruling on DOMA was a huge step forward for marriage equality.
– The defeat of the Farm Bill in the US House over cuts to food assistance was historic.

This week is off to a rougher start, both here and beyond:

– The number of bike fatalities on Iowa roads is up.
– The amount of nitrates in our drinking water is off the charts.
– Wildfires killed 19 firefighters in Arizona over the weekend and burned hundreds of homes.
– Donald Trump is pretending to run for President again.

Well, that last item is more in the realm of comic relief. Maybe we should consider Trump’s maniacal taunting of GOP wing-nuts a good thing, merely for the entertainment value.

Monday, in Weekend Review we discuss bikes, nitrates, fires, climate change and The Donald’s endless capacity to embarrass himself. Also, Anne Dietrich talks about efforts to pass a GMO labeling bill here in Iowa. On the cultural front, we’re joined by Max Wellman.

Tuesday, in New Beat on Learning we wade into the heated dialogue over school start dates. Phil Roeder with the Des Moines Public School District joins us for that conversation, and we’re working to line-up a second guest as well.

Wednesday, Bob Filippone with Des Moines Onstage Children’s Theater talks about the Cabaret Fundraiser coming up on July 13.  On the policy front, other issues we’re hoping to cover this week (pending the availability of guests) include (1) Controversy over the World Food Prize being awarded to Monsanto, (2) Differing views on whether the insurance exchange and health care reform are positive developments or, as one opinion writer put it today, “a train wreck,” (3) Immigration reform’s latest manifestation in the US Senate, and (4) Why Europe is hopping mad at President Obama over the US’s spying program.

Thursday and Friday . . . no programs, as we ponder the true meaning of independence in celebrating this Fourth of July weekend.

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