Ok – Steve King Is Nuts

object of Steve King's fear?

object of Steve King’s fear?

With a common name like Steve King, you would think a headline like that might cause some confusion. “Which Steve King” you might think, “there are many of them.” But in conjunction with the word “nuts” the likely Steve Kings are narrowed down to one. That is the King of the Crazies from Northwest Iowa, the one and only congressman Steve King.

Now, one would think with a reputation such that the words nuts and crazy are frequently associated with your name it would be somewhat difficult to first be elected and then be re-elected several times. But King’s constituency is such that getting re-elected is not that hard. In his area he is considered a moderate. At least 50% +1 or more think so. So he actually represents the majority of his district. Think what that says about his district.

One of his major quests has been to keep our borders safe. Well at least one of them anyway. The southern one. Not sure if I have ever heard him call for closing the northern border. If he has, I apologize and thank him for being consistent. But for some reason I think there is only one border he is interested in closing. Anyone want to venture a guess as to why?

Over the years King has made some truly memorable statements. His suggestions for an East Berlin style wall between the US and Mexico was a thing of – well I would say nightmares – when dealing with a country that is one of your two major trade partners. King speaks in code words and thinly veiled racial terms. His tweet Wednesday – “brazen self professed illegal aliens have just invaded my DC office. Obama’s lawless order gives them de facto immunity from U.S. law” (10:42 AM – 13 Jun 2013) shows with little left to the imagination the total disgust with which he holds humans in contempt who are not like him. Simply stated, King was the original tea party before anyone else had even conceived the idea.

He also claims to be Christian, but where Christ taught love for your fellow man with a command to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, heal the sick and visit those in prison, King dumps on that with little but scorn for the hungry, the naked, the sick and the poor in general. He is what I term a christianist – someone who claims to follow Christ but only uses the facade of religion to further his or her own goals.

Whenever the name King is invoked in the news you can bet it will be another big embarrassment for Iowa. As pathetic as Chuck Grassley has become, he at least makes a cogent statement every now and then. King doesn’t even try. He is the arrogant middle school bully who is in a position of being almost untouchable. His district seems to love his little bully act. They seem to live in a bubble where reality seldom penetrates and Steve King is a hero.

Iowans in the other 3 districts can’t defeat him. So in the mean time I wish newscasts could somehow run a disclaimer prior to a story about Steve King something to the effect that “Steve King only represents a very small section of Iowa. The rest of Iowa is sane and wants nothing to do with him.”

"aliens" in Rep. Steve King's office

“aliens” in Rep. Steve King’s office

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3 Responses to Ok – Steve King Is Nuts

  1. mark brooks says:

    “Think what that says about his district” think what that says about our state


  2. Ted Mallory says:

    To those few of us in the 4th Dist. Who aren’t crazy, xenophobic, racist, fascist, tribal, tea-baggers King is especially sick and frightening. Most of our neighbors seem reasonable, kind, generous, & intelligent most of the time, so it seems that either they’re blind, deluded, in denile, or (God help us) genuinely agree with him. One would think that there are enough smart, young, or at least Latino people in this district to oust his ilk, but alas they must not vote. Unless he’s right and they’re ALL illegal and therefore can’t vote.

    But don’t think that the othe 3/4 of the state are innocent. As long as previously resonsble Republicans like Grassley & Branstad continue to genuflect to the tea party movement and as long as out-of-state special interest money keeps pouring in, the likes of King will continue to reign.


  3. Merryl says:

    King is a ridiculous waste of space. He is a nut! How can he say chickens should be put in smaller cages? What does he have against dogs…does he have a fighting ring?
    Good people of Iowa…get rid of this maniac!


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