Drying Out Time Quiz

just not sure

just not sure

Well you know that old saying about be careful what you wish for? Be quite careful as you wish for it to dry out now, or it may never rain again.Here is hoping our farming friends were not hurt too much by the weather – cause I have ears of sweet corn dancing in my dreams.

Nothing happened last week – or did it?

1) Smithfield Foods will be acquired by a Chinese company. Smithfield is the largest producer of pork products. What state does Smithfield do business in?

2) Michelle Bachmann will not run for Congress in 2014. During her tenure, how many bills did she bring to the floor of the House to be voted on by the House?

3) Which Republican Senator introduced a bill to eliminate 3 seats on the 11th circuit court because the Senate Republicans will obstruct Obama’s nominees?

4) What kind of idiot governor would veto a bill that pushed for homestate purchasing, then purchasing American before purchasing foreign sources?

5) When running for president in Iowa, Michele Bachmann once confused an American icon with a notorious American killer and rapist. What two people did she confuse?

6) With 3 weeks yet to go, where does the spring of 2013 rank among wet springs in Iowa?

7) This former republican presidential candidate said he and President Dwight Eisenhower would not be comfortable in today’s Republican Party. Who will be the next to hear the wrath of Limbaugh and his tea party?

8) Costco reported a huge profit increase this quarter. What is a Costco employee’s pay in comparison to their chief rival’s (Walmart) pay scale?

9) One of the more famous scandals in modern times, British War Secretary John Profumo admitted to an affair with the alleged mistress of a Soviet spy on June 5, 1963. 50 years later can you name the alleged mistress?

10) The Boy Scouts voted last weekend to allow gays to be scouts. What percentage of the vote approved this choice?

11) This Iowa State Senator announced he was pretty sure he might run for governor. Who is it and where is he from?

12) This sweet little feline with the sad face signed a contract (or her owner did anyway) to do what last week?

13) Per Robert Reich, had the median wage kept up with the economy since 1981 (Reagan innaugurated) what would it be today?

14) Looks like President Obama can’t find a Democrat to fill a major opening in his administration. Who will Obama reportedly nominate to head the FBI?

15) The big hit of early June 1963 involved a party, a fickle boyfriend and another girl named Judy. Can you name the song and the then 16 year old singer?

Well here is an interesting item from June 2,1913:
“After President Wilson warned the public about the money being spent by lobbyists to fight tariff reform, the U.S. Senate ordered the Senate Judiciary Committee to prepare a report with “the names of all lobbyists attempting to influence such pending legislation and the methods that they have employed to accomplish their ends”. Over the next six days, the 96 Senators were required to appear before a special subcommittee and to state, under oath, whether they had a financial interest in the outcome of any pending bills”

Well, that’ll never happen again. Have some answers

1) Virginia

2) She had one bill that actually made it to the floor for a vote: a bill repealing Obamacare a couple of weeks ago.

3) Our own Chuck Grassley.

4) Rick Perry

5) John Wayne and John Wayne Gacy

6) It has already been named the wettest spring ever in Iowa.

7) Bob Dole.

8) Costco employees make about 2.5 times what Walmart workers make, plus they get health insurance and retirement.

9) Christine Keeler

10) 61%

11) Jack Hatch of Des Moines

12) Grumpy Cat will have a movie coming out!

13) over $90,000. Crrent median hovers around $50,000. Most of the difference has contributed to the huge inequality we have today.

14) James Comey

15) Leslie Gore and her first hit “It’s My Party”

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