Great March For Climate Action Route Announcement

email inbox Here’s a note from Ed Fallon –

The Great March for Climate Action
– stepping forward for our Planet, our Future —

Dear Friends,

Today we announced the route for next year’s eight-month coast-to-coast march for climate action. We’re delighted at the story in today’s Des Moines Register. Please help spread the word by sharing the article with your local media, your personal contacts, and on Facebook. Also, please check out the map of the route and list of cities. We welcome any feedback as we further refine the details.

I am grateful to our awesome staff for pulling this together so quickly. We received excellent input and guidance from people across the country, too. Thanks to all of you as well.

In today’s press release, March Route Coordinator, Courtney Kain, writes, “We now turn our attention to the challenge of figuring out logistics, such as feeding marchers, transporting gear, providing portable bathroom, laundry and shower facilities, and showcasing the sustainable practices we need to embrace if America is to grapple successfully with the climate crisis. As we continue to build a strong foundation for this March, by mid-summer we’ll be well-positioned to actively recruit marchers.”

Thanks again for getting us this far. We have a long way to go, of course. But establishing the march route is an accomplishment we can all celebrate.


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