Is There Hope For Medicaid Expansion?

just curious

just curious

As I wrote this during the week, Medicaid Expansion looked like it was at an impasse. Now it appears we have a compromise that leans to the favor of the ACA plan. One thing I have learned is not to count chickens before they are hatched or laws until they voted on and signed. But this does look hopeful. And believe me, this is not a we win/ they lose type situation. No, this is strictly a sigh of relief that Iowa did the right thing for it’s citizens. Maybe using health care as one of the things the rich can hold over the heads of the poor is history in the United States

Game Changer:
Big Breakthrough For Rechargeable Batteries
A teen in Saratoga, California has come up with a way to to take hours of charging time down to seconds or minutes. I am guessing that like me, your mind immediately leapt to a most urgent need for this capability – charging electric cars. Fast charging has always been one of the two pieces of the holy grail for electric cars. The other half is the long range battery. I am betting that will not be too long in the future. If we could go about 300 miles and stop for about 15 minutes to charge up at a reasonable price, electric cars become quite viable.

Will Branstad Get Credit For Jobs Created By Medicaid?
Here is a question on irony. If a version of Medicaid Expansion passes the Iowa legislature that is close to the ACA version, will Gov. Banstad be able to count the jobs created by the expansion to his credit? Seems like Republicans are great at fighting tooth and nail against any progress, but when it comes time to cut the ribbon on the highway or building they are always first in line to have their picture taken and take credit. So I suspect Mr. Screw-the-Poor will be right there to count each and every job as a part of his brilliance as governor.

Utilities vs. Distributed Power (Solar Panels On Your Rooftop

It looks like we are on the very tip of a revolution in power distribution. With advances in solar panels and other forms of electricity plus advances in storage of electricity, the dream of being off the grid may be coming true for some Americans in the near future. This is going to lead to some very interesting problem in how old utility companies are handled by the public and what their place will be in such a future. Here is an article mulling over some of the future problems to get you to start thinking on this early. As the cost of fossil fuels rise and the problems they cause make giant power plants less attractive we need to be thinking ahead to be prepared for a future possibly off the grid.

Who Pays The Hospital Bills In A Disaster?
Maybe someone can tell me – who pay the hospital bills for those who have no health insurance and somehow get caught in a a natural or man made disaster. To put this question in real terms, if a family has no insurance and they all end up in the hospital after a tornado like the recent Moore, Oklahoma tornado? Or the Aurora, Colorado theater massacre last summer, or any one of unexpected local disasters that will inevitably happen this year.

If a family has no insurance the hospital does not give anyone a pass. Care is never free. Can you imagine having survived a disaster only to have a personal disaster waiting in the form of bankruptcy due to medical bills? This is a follow up to the story of the big disaster that needs to be told.

And for me this is the greatest single argument in favor of universal single payer health care.  Is there an investigative reporter out there who could tell us what happens after the media circus dies?


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